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Sunday 29 December 2013

The Obsessed Woman

"This was my first job and my first house before heading to the other houses in the same street. I need to make the best impression," I thought as I halted my bike near a big brown gate. I heard no braking and hence I opened the gate no. 38 bravely and rang the door bell. Within minutes, a middle aged woman opened the door and looked at my face.

"Madam, this is a new promotional razor and aftershave perfume. We are selling it at half price now. You should definitely use this offer to buy one for your husband," I was all smiles when I told the women. 

One glance and she went inside
I stood proud with eyes open wide

"She should be impressed by my speech" I thought. 

Soon she returned back with a look
That held place in no book
I looked out for some money
Instead she made me a dummy

She held a mirror right near my face and said, "I guess it is ONLY you who needs one such product badly". 

I was shocked and embarrassed. 
but before I could open my mouth, 
Someone from behind her came dressed
in perfection and looking youth

He was tall, handsome and his clean shaven look bowled me over.

That's the woman's husband. He gave money for the promotional product and said,
"She is in obsession with clean shaven look. 
Some women do, so don't mind it dude ", as he winked at his wife. 

I thanked the couple for buying the Razor product and came out. But before going to the next house, I headed back home. And within minutes, I was driving past the same home and the same woman but this time she showed me a thumbs up sign. Yay!

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Thursday 26 December 2013

Babe's Date with his Dad

Little Babe is very glad
It's Sunday, 
He is going for a date with his Dad
It's time to play

Dada, a tall and a handsome father of Babe comes home working late and hard in the jungle everyday. And whenever he comes home, little Babe will be always asleep. It was only on Sunday that Babe and Dada goes for a stroll in the forest - the only day father and son date together.

But that Sunday, Babe was sad because Dada did not come on time. He has not kept his promise and Babe was really cross. He waited and waited but Dada did not come. Babe was getting tired and he walked slowly to his bed as he was feeling sleepy.

But suddenly, Babe heard his Dada calling out his name

Dada: Hey Babe! my little one I am back
Babe: Dada! Dada! I have been waiting for you long
Dada: Oh! my dear son come to dada now
Babe ran towards his Dada but stood one feet away from his Dada.

Dada was calling him near for a hug but Babe hesitated and replied,
"Dada I guess you need some bath. I smell something nasty on you"

Dada was cross. Then, he checked on himself. He smelled his shirt, his hands and finally his bread. "Yuck! it must be the beard that's been soaked in my sweat...hmm I hate that unclean stubble now" he thought.

Moral: Sporting a stubble? Either make sure its cleaned or make sure its cleared :)

cartoon funny

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Monday 23 December 2013

Gorgeous Lady!

To my best friend Tamilarasi (Kavitha),
Written just for you!

Recently when we spoke about the Dove Beauty Bar Soap Guessing game test, you agreed to come over Skype for the game. And when I said, I will be writing a public letter to you, you were like " Are you telling me the truth?". Yes, and here is the truth (but it is something related to looks/beauty dear) .

Do you remember our college times when we were talking about lipsticks and the reason why ladies prefer wearing lipstick during our Environmental class. You doodled a sketch, wrote  the reasons on a slip of paper and passed it to me just under the desk to avoid unwanted attraction from near by buddies. I will read it , chuckle and even question you about the same through the paper and our conversations continues. All these were happening while the class was still going on but we were just sailing in our own world of "you know what" and "is that so?". Only if our professor knows what was going on then.

You were on cloud nine when I told you that you look awesome in the way you have dressed up. And whenever you believed what I said, you give out a big bright white tooth smile - the reason why our soil engineering professor nicknamed you as Colgate girl ( not going deep into the subject now). But true to the fact, you made me contagious with your smile that soon transforms into laughter. Your next question (asking nearly 3 times in three different ways) will be about how do you look like in this dress/make-up and my answer will always be "You are a GORGEOUS lady!" [smile :)]. You were like a big sister for me telling me do this and that with my looks and even pester me that I am not taking care of my looks. And I always give in myself at the mercy of your hands.

You taught me how to style my hair telling me that you were the best hair stylist. I pretended to believe you and in fact gave my hair a sacrifice in your hands a number of times. Thankfully you avoided scissors and only worked with the comb ;).

We both were for each other at every ups and downs of our life even after we got married. My very first gift to you was a big make-up kit (hope you have it safe). Name it luck or fate, I guess we are meant to be with each other and because of it, we now staying close even in a far away country. Our friendship has crossed more than a decade and still we hold the same spark of liveliness and silly talks pulling each other legs whenever we get together or on our week end phone calls. 

I got this eyeliner and it is so I changed my lipstick color and it is brand new :p.. Did you get N7 cosmetic brand? The sale is going on over here..., the Dove soap really helps my know my hubby presented me with three dresses for my birthday (did he!)....When are you coming home?...Shall we hold a week end party ? and so on.

Now, our beauty topics have been extended with our daughters. Not to forget, we both use Dove soap for our daughters too. And now that I have another partner in beauty things (my daughter), she is subjected to a hell lots of things from me (she actually runs from one pillar to another away from me) with doing her hair styles, make-up and dressings...and before you open your mouth, What are daughters then for! (he he he)

At times, we argue such that 

I wished...
I never had a friend like you
for you are my worst criticizer
You easily points out where my mistakes lies
and drive me mad by your everlasting advice

Did I ever wish that I could have a friend like you ?
Being with you is a big err
I can't bear this long for goodness sake
Just give me time to take a break

But many times, 

I wished...
I wished if ever will I have a friend like you
who is always present to wipe my tear
the one I can rely on far and near
for you give me your voice to support

You comfort me and hold my hand tight
Always caring any time, day or night 

How could I never wish to have a friend like you?
No matter how important or silly matters we converse
We enjoy being together, in laughter we immerse
I don’t know how to rate our friendship or to measure
But I know that I needed to preserve it as a treasure

At final word, thank you for being my best friend and hope we pass this gift to our daughters too and so on...

The post was written for Dove Beauty Bar Soap and Indiblogger [ Hashtag : #DoveFaceTest ]

Sunday 22 December 2013

The Marriage Conversation

Day or Night, Time freezes its numbers
When conversation exists amidst lovers

On a phone conversation,

Would-be Husband (Sid): Hello honey!
Lady (Bebo): Hello dear!

Sid: We have our marriage in two days. It feels great !
Bebo: Yes! Waiting for that day

Sid: Have you booked an appointment with the hairdresser I specified. You know I love long hairs honey. That lady over there is said to do some lovely braiding with lots of flowers.
Bebo: Yes, I did. I even did Gold facial today in your friend's beauty parlor.

Sid: Superb Honey! She is the best. And...what about the saree?
Bebo: What Saree?
Sid: The Saree blouse I mean. Have you done embroidery with beads?
Bebo: Ah Sid! You should have been a lady. What a  list!
Sid: Hey! You are going to be my wife honey. You should look beautiful and I am helping you
Bebo: Okay, let's see this the other way. I have told you not to sport french beard but you insist that it is the fashion.
Sid: Of course! French beard will look cool
Bebo: While I dress myself looking pakka Indianwala, you need to look westernized that too with a crystal sticking over it? There is no logic in this treatment.
Sid: hehe...I am going to stick a red crystal honey.
Bebo: Wow! While I wear Bindi on my forehead, you are wearing it on your beard. I hate that unclean stubble...can’t imagine your look

They teased each other and giggled.

Sid: Well, lets see ...who knows, you might like it too
Bebo: haha.. God only knows how many people are going to have a good laugh.
No one could hate you for that.

[continues ...] Conversation between lovers never ends soon. You know what I mean.

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Wednesday 18 December 2013

My Baby and I

With Twinkling eyes
my baby cries
seeing my face
she switched her place
calling out her mama
making melodrama
And so my wife says
this is no child's play
It's time to say goodbye
Oh! why
I sigh
My Baby and I

Baby: Dada! Dada! (Daddy is back home)
Daddy : Oh! my baby . Come on, we shall play peek-a-boo.

Daddy was playing with the baby and as the fun increased, they giggled together and daddy kissed the baby.

"OUCH! that hurts" murmured the baby in his language and soon started to cry. When Mommy came and saw, the baby's cheeks carried reddish spots.

cartoon funny

Next day,
The baby was much more cautious that day. 'Will he or will he not?' he thought.

And when daddy called out play, the baby ran away.

Mommy came into the scene with a stern look on her face.

"This is no child's play," She warned her husband."The baby wants you to clean that stubble off before you kiss him," she continued firmly.

Daddy was looking at his baby and the baby expressed with a big scowl on his face 'You know what I hate that unclean stubble. I mean that hurts man and I stand by what I say' 

Both Daddy and the baby exchanged glances.

Daddy has now nothing else to say. He soon returned back clear and the baby cheered.


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Friday 13 December 2013

The Secret Recipe

A smile of acknowledging
Handshake of respect
A shoulder for support
Listening with empathy
Replies what is right
The look belonging to a place
Holds the key to success
Marking a man's 
Secret Recipe of Life

Three men were waiting outside the lobby with files in their hand. G-attract Razor Company Limited was looking to recruit new employers to market their products. One man was tall, looked intelligent with his breads, the second one was sporting stubble looking stylish and the third one was medium height and wore a clean shaved look. 

A little talk has shown that the third man had scored very less and cannot compete with the other two. The other two were trying to be nice telling him that his scores will not be up to the mark of the reputed company and told him not to regret if he does not get the job.

Secretary: Lady Boss is ready for the interview. 

Beard > Stubble > Clean shaven - Let's see who made it and how 

The first and second who went inside came out somber. It was now the third man's turn. He tried to look composed and entered Lady Boss's room. 

Within an hour, he returned with a huge smile on his face. The other two looked at him in disbelief when he showed them his recruitment letter.

" What was the secret Man? How come? " they enquired.

The third man looked at them, brushed his chin and said , "My clean shaven look bowled her over”. 

" What?" they scowled.

" Yes! What else will they look for in a Razor Company that too for marketing their products, " he replied " some times commonsense works better than scores " he whistled.


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Wednesday 11 December 2013

The Ladies Corner

Appearances have stories to tell,
A face is where hidden messages dwell
Eyes talks about emotions
A smile confides the notion
Eyebrows define one's mentality
Stubbles decode your personality
Coded messages here and there 
Slip through the masks we wear

Scene 1

Ani: Hey Priti, do you know why Japanese women look stunningly beautiful like dolls?
Priti: I don’t
Ani: See! It seems that Japanese woman shave their faces with razors to look beautiful and it’s a custom they follow from their preteen years.
Priti: Are you telling the truth?
Ani: Of course yes! So from today I am going to follow this routine for a porcelain doll complexion.
Priti: Ha ha, then tell me that very soon I will be seeing a model next door.

Scene 2

Priti: Ani are you at home?
Ani: Yes Priti, come into my room.
Priti: What are you looking at? Photos?
Ani: Yes, they are my college photos and see here, that’s my husband
Priti: But doesn't he look too old in that photo ?
Ani: True! In this photo, he is sporting a stubble to make himself look mature and aggressive.
Priti: Then how come he changed now?
Ani: After meeting me. When he proposed me I said I can’t marry him since he looked old. Next day, he returned back with a two year younger look and proposed to me again.
Priti: And so you accepted and got married isn't it?
Ani: No, I told him he was too young to get married then.
Priti: Ah! Did you? Then what happened?
Ani: He waited for two more years sporting a clean look to attract me and very soon his clean shaven look bowled me over and I fell for him.
Priti: Tada... and you got married, The End!

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Tuesday 10 December 2013

The Birthday Gift!

Looking deeply beyond each other eyes
Together we walk holding hands
Our future merge, farther the sky
In both ups and down, as one we stand
A simple gift now and then is crucial
To tell you beloved that he is so special 
Happy Gifting!

On the phone,

I : Hey, can you give me an idea to gift my man, senior madam?
Friend : Ha ha True! So you are into him now (giggling). 
I (silently blushing) : Yes, I did last week
Friend : Great! Well note down a man's list and choose what you like.
1- Formals and T-Shirts 
2- Perfume 
3- Shaving Set or Razor
4- Watch
5- Wallet 
6- Mobiles Phones or Tablets (if you are rich)
If nothing works out, gift him at least a card or photo frame.

Next Morning,

I : Happy Birthday dear !
He : Thanks a lot honey ! It's heavy, what's inside?
I : That's something which makes you fresh and that which makes me proud
He (brushing his chin): Oh! what can that be ?
I (nodding): No no! not now, open after you reach home.

That Evening,

At one glance, his clean shaven look bowled me over and my man walking with style wearing a cooling glass and ready for a date .
I : Wah wah, I never knew that you would look so handsome 
He (raising his eyebrows): Meaning? 
I (trying to hide her smile): I mean that the stubble you had was literally hiding your beauty
He (teasing her): As you did hiding your love from me for three years..doesn't it?
I (blushing): Not any more.

That day ended with a happy note with a promise of love forever and thank you card from him 
"Thank you for your Shaving Razor gift !"


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Monday 9 December 2013

Love once again!

It's love once again
A second chance in place
to prove my worth, my grace
for you did take away my pain

It was your love in return
that ended the story of my stubble
cleared up all my trouble
with your love and concern

Scene 1- Road
I : Oh! My scooter is not starting up.

I was stranded in the road with heavy traffic and was calling out for help. He came on his bike covering his face with an handkerchief. 

Mr : What is the problem?
I : My scooter fails to start.
Mr : Oh! let me see.

He then did some mechanical inspections and soon the scooter responded to him. But before I could see his face, he waved a bye and was gone.

Scene 2- Restaurant

There, I saw him again. This time he had no handkerchief on his face. Instead he had a thick beard.

Mr : Oh! It is you again. How come you are here? Handshake?
We shook hands and talked further. I learnt that his beard took its form in the absence of his love. Love failure - Oops!

At one point, he said, "Instead of her, it is now the beard"
We smiled and that's how our friendship bloomed.

Scene 3 -Beach
After three months of friendship, we become lovers. Mr. became Craig. I was waiting for him on beach. He came and I screamed with joy,

I : OMG! Is that you? look damn hot! Lucky me :)
I bit my lips as I said those words but the fact remains. His clean shaven look bowled me over now.

Craig : Yes! My love has taken back its place once again. Do you have any problem getting kissed?
He was laughing hard and so was I.

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Saturday 7 December 2013

I hate that smelly stubble!

In regards to Blogadda's new prompt and tagging friends, I would like to start a new post with two scenes wherein I invite my friends, readers and anyone who is interested to respond to it. Those who tag me, will be responded with another post. Cheers!

Prompt: "I hate that smelly stubble” or “His(My) clean shaven look bowled me(her) over

Some women loves stubble on her man
Especially for those peck near her neck
Some women craves a clean shaved look
As their soft skin could heed no wound 
But no women could stand a smelly stubble
Remember you are sure to get into trouble, 
If she says ,"I hate that unclean stubble"

Question to ponder:
Men out there, every week when you shave do you ask your women what style or look do they expect to see on their face?

Scene 1:
In a park, 
Guy: Hi Honey! (he comes closer to her with twinkling in his eyes)
Girl: Hi dear! Ah, you should have had your Fish fry and Omelette today. Am I right?
Guy (deeply impressed with his beloved): Wow, how much you know me dear! I am amazed that you know me in and out. I love you!
But all she responded is a wry smile.

Scene  2:
Guy: You are not loving me? 
Girl : Why are you so doubtful? In that case I shouldn't have accepted your proposal in the first place ( she shrugs)
Guy ( looking straight into his lady's eyes) : Then why do you move back whenever I come near to kiss you?
Girl ( letting out a sigh) : Have you ever wondered how often I can guess what food you have eaten inspite of those mints you have in your mouth? .'Oh! I hate that unclean stubble', she thought.

Drop in your comments on your thoughts on both the scenes above. 

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Monday 2 December 2013

The Wings of Desire

The Wings of Desire - Image prompt [The Mag]
I am neither a bird nor a fairy
But I do possess special wings
Which peeps out now and then
Whenever I stare into your eyes

Oh! My Wings of Desire
They open up whenever I see you
Dazzling through my window pane
Like a tiny bird, I pop around
Looking what beauty awaits outside
Shining bright under your sunlight

As winter arrives, you waved goodbye
Moving fast paving way to the darkness
And I sit still near my fireplace,
Gazing at those fierce light reminiscing
Of the days I was engrossed in your warmth

The bells beckons a festival approaching
With your tiny descendants on every road
"Merry Christmas" they light up jiggling on every home
And once again my wings stretch in the flash of your light 

Friday 29 November 2013

Gratitude !

This birth, the heaven has sent
to the hands that embraced in love and affection
The Kiss that your lips had sowed in
Bloomed thousands smile on my path
Every year I count my blessings,
Hugs, gifts, compassion and lovely things
As I sit this day to write the goodness
that my life had bestowed on me
I struggle to jot down the lists
Not one, not two but there are many
I need no paper to pen them down
All I needed was a heart that commends
and pass the same good vibe around

- written for Poetry Jam

Saturday 28 September 2013

Preserving Memories through Photos

Life can be filled fun
when we go out exploring 
into the woods and on the mountains
drenching ourselves in Nature's love

Different feelings, different exposure
experienced on different terrains

Fondling breeze, sweltering summer
Rocky mountain, Hilly roads
Swamping, Sandy and Snowy terrains
all brings in a different adventure

Different abode, different ambience
experienced on different terrains

Go by walk , Go by car 
Choose your destination
the way you fancy
Camera shots, preserving memories
Social sharing, making eyes envy 

Different sensations, different memories
experienced on different terrains

The above lines goes well with the following Photo shots based on different terrains. I specifically picked these images that capture the essence of different types of terrains from my own photo collections of about five years. I like to capture anything and everything around me with whatever gadgets I have in my hand when I visit places so that I don't forget the moments I got mesmerised with the beauty of the nature. 

These images are photo shots taken from many parts of the world like Pondicherry Beach in India, Woburn Safari Park in UK, etc. The photos were taken in different modes of transport like SUV cars, while travelling by Train and by walk while visiting these places. These memorable collection have different stories and different experience in accordance with the weather, vehicle, people and foods experienced on these different terrains.  


snow terrain

snow terrain


rocky terrain

swamp terrain


hills terrain


slope terrain


hilly terrain




dersert terrain


pondy beach

The above images are shared as a part of photo blog post for "I am Explorer" contest by Tata Safari Strome Explorer and Indiblogger

Thursday 8 August 2013

Ring The Bell, a Hundredth Time!

She, a child walked to a street shop
Was learning how she was treated with care
That shopkeeper was so nice to her
Had his hands over the child's body everywhere
She came home with a free lollipop
Frightened mom knew the truth
She was just a young bud, not yet a girl
Ring the bell! Shame on such men

Tuesday 6 August 2013


How many days have you been yearning 
to do this to yourself
How many times did you try 
to get up from the threaded lines

Sunday 30 June 2013

Yellow Golds!

She toiled the fields, not anymore
Harvest has befallen, none to explore
Storms above nevertheless knew her pain
that bestowed dearth in her own plane

Looking above, she beckoned the Gods
Let me embrace sustenance against all odds 
 Don't ensue and ravage my support
Wait until I reach my abode !

None to explore this mortal's earth 
 Covered with yellow golds, yet to unearth 

Saturday 8 June 2013

Aphrodite Poem - The Birth

Oh! Goddess of beauty and love
She who shines from above
Enter the seeker within me
Radiate and quench my plea

Arise, Oh! Aphrodite divine

The scent of perfumed flowers
Amidst smiles , passed hours
Wandering dreams, celestial song
Build my reign, subtle yet strong

Sign, Oh! Woman in me I sign

The ground shook beneath
Bit by bit between my trembling feet
Love imposed a seedling, abated strife
Appeared in existence a tiny life

Rise and shine , Oh!Aphrodite divine

This moment fed my sensation free
Blessed are we , two became three
She, an evening star, beautiful and fair
Shone bright in my life, beyond compare

Praise, Life Oh! Being feminine is divine

Like you, She arose from the ocean
Inside womb, moulded with my emotions
Like you, let she radiate Love and Light
Ergo named my baby,  Aphrodite !

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Haiku - Betrayal

Water to quench thirst
Look! Mirage in the desert
Betrayal of Eyes 

-written in response to Haiku Heights

Sunday 12 May 2013

Poem for my Mother - Happy Mothers Day!

The above poem is written in Tamil for my lovely Mom. I am translating the same for all my friends who don't understand the language.

You were my first Kiss
You were my first Poem

I give my daughter now 
what you gave me once
Unconditional Love and affection

Mom, your everlasting love
is the light to my road 

I ask you inane questions
even today at this age
and ...
you still answer them 
clearing all my doubts 
showing where I went wrong

Is this one single day enough 
to write all about you ?

Sunday 14 April 2013

Haiku Poem - Morning Mist

Droplets, arced and fine  
Sweat kisses on thy forehead
Akin Morning mist

"A Sweat portrays Human Labor"
The dawn is so beautiful with dews on leaves and flowers and the same dew on humans are beautiful too just like the above Haiku

- haiku written for Haiku Heights

Thursday 7 February 2013

The Internet Saga!

You wanna hear what I want to say
About my new found friend, to stay
A beauty I seek , she sleeks in fit
Always with me, on my pocket she sits
She keeps me entertained on the run
She, the Internet on my mobile phone

She is my Kobo , my Kindle
My Library in a box , just simple
Oh! She is my Play-Mate I never miss
Where I exhibit  my gifts and glitz
A Mario , a Ninja , as angry birds
I live in the world of mine , in silent words
Providing me the Hours of fun
She, the Internet on my mobile phone

I break and I make,
I build and I craft ,
As and when my imagination crawls.
I follow and I tweet,
I poke and I joke,
Oops! I have no secrets to hold.
A man-made sculpture all in one
She, the Internet on my mobile phone

No matter however far I set forth
You can locate my presence anywhere on Earth
She remains as an essential for my family's care
For them , I am and will always be there
An Ovation to her , lot of hearts she won
She, the Internet on my mobile phone

CHANGing THE BEAT on the last line!!

An Ovation to her , lot of hearts she won
She, the Internet on my Vodafone 
Come on, just for fun :) !

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Discount Coupons for Books!

Discount Coupons for Books!
I shouted aloud to the herd
of people , Far and Near
through Blogger words

 "Where can I find one ?" ,
asked first voice in awe
 "Are you Internet aware?" ,
mocked another voice there
"Ahem...", I cleared my throat to voice
Looking at those standing , questioning eyes

Lots of place like Amazon and Ebay
And for all in India, have my say
Flipkart , Tradus or Snapdeal
To your inbox , all coupons revealed

Use at your might or click at a go
You don't regret what I said so

Haha , so finally here is a poem for all that I wanted to brief out.Online book shopping is great and I must say having published two ebooks , my next work is to get a printed book available at all prominent online bookstore.

I came across a website Coupondunia delivering coupons for such offers esp. from Flipkart, Snapdeal coupons, coupons, Tradus coupons and more. And I must say I raised my eyebrows thinking why have'nt this idea struck me before.

ShopClues is another interesting website similar to Snapdeal offering discounts for many items including books and ebooks through ShopClues coupons . Other websites include Naaptol , HomeShop18 and Indiatimes shopping which offers voucher on weekly basis and the best thing is they even provide COD (cash on delivery) for items odered on their website.

Coupondunia , literally meaning Coupon World ( dunia in hindi means the world) has almost all coupons for many online book stores .I even used one such coupon to buy myself a book using Snapdeal coupons. And as I was doing so, the above poem haunted my mind and so this post was born. 

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Tuesday 15 January 2013

Haunt me to Clean off the mask of Love !

Haunt me Clean off the mask of Love !

I waited this day for so long
To be immersed in silence
and his warmth of love all along
The face so relaxed but feelings intense
His sweated lips and his preying eyes
His manly smell haunts my bodily sense
The moment  that I deeply craved arrives
But , I hesitated to reciprocate back
Oh No! Not today , I looked pale
There is something that blocked my approval
On my mind , one line seemed to haunt and yell
"Oh how I wish I had opted for my hair removal "

He didn't know to read my mind
And so he thought I was very shy
He took my hand to his with a touch so kind
Weaving a smile of self assurance by
To assure his love and his insight
He sent a wave of  his manly might
To prove a girl ,  the love of a guy
But all I need now is to let out a cry
Only then, he noticed what I was up to
With twisting legs and clothes that drew,
My hands concealed what that grew
For a minute he stared at me as if he got the clue
Running in his mind were again the lines ,
I wish she had opted for her hair removal "

Haunt me to clean off the mask of Love !
Bring the confidence to the power of now
With amounts of signal sent to and fro
And within hours of clearing the mess that grows
Now , I am a woman shining with confidence
To steal the attention of my man back to the show
He entered with the same smile and  pinned
his look , neared me and whispered an invite
" So divine you are , shall we .... " he grinned
Signalled a sign to redeem what we left that night

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