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Sunday 29 December 2013

The Obsessed Woman

"This was my first job and my first house before heading to the other houses in the same street. I need to make the best impression," I thought as I halted my bike near a big brown gate. I heard no braking and hence I opened the gate no. 38 bravely and rang the door bell. Within minutes, a middle aged woman opened the door and looked at my face.

"Madam, this is a new promotional razor and aftershave perfume. We are selling it at half price now. You should definitely use this offer to buy one for your husband," I was all smiles when I told the women. 

One glance and she went inside
I stood proud with eyes open wide

"She should be impressed by my speech" I thought. 

Soon she returned back with a look
That held place in no book
I looked out for some money
Instead she made me a dummy

She held a mirror right near my face and said, "I guess it is ONLY you who needs one such product badly". 

I was shocked and embarrassed. 
but before I could open my mouth, 
Someone from behind her came dressed
in perfection and looking youth

He was tall, handsome and his clean shaven look bowled me over.

That's the woman's husband. He gave money for the promotional product and said,
"She is in obsession with clean shaven look. 
Some women do, so don't mind it dude ", as he winked at his wife. 

I thanked the couple for buying the Razor product and came out. But before going to the next house, I headed back home. And within minutes, I was driving past the same home and the same woman but this time she showed me a thumbs up sign. Yay!

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  1. hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....This was awesome :P

  2. creative piece of writing there..Uma thanks for accepting my tag..

    I wonder how beautifully these PASS people have tantalized creative people's skills n i have read multiple awesome posts under this contest. This is one of them :)

    All the best for contest :)

  3. Really nice, Uma!
    Moral of the story: "Practice what you preach." :)
    Thanks for tagging me again! I may not be able to honor your 2nd tag with the year-end pending tasks that I have happily postponed because of PAUS :)

  4. have tagged you here. Please accept it :)

  5. lol yet another creative n interesting piece of writing.. good one Uma.. :) thanks for the second tag. i ll try to acknowledge but not sure. hope u won't mind.

  6. Fun post! As creative as always Uma.... :)
    Good luck for the contest and wish you a great 2014 :)