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Monday 23 December 2013

Gorgeous Lady!

To my best friend Tamilarasi (Kavitha),
Written just for you!

Recently when we spoke about the Dove Beauty Bar Soap Guessing game test, you agreed to come over Skype for the game. And when I said, I will be writing a public letter to you, you were like " Are you telling me the truth?". Yes, and here is the truth (but it is something related to looks/beauty dear) .

Do you remember our college times when we were talking about lipsticks and the reason why ladies prefer wearing lipstick during our Environmental class. You doodled a sketch, wrote  the reasons on a slip of paper and passed it to me just under the desk to avoid unwanted attraction from near by buddies. I will read it , chuckle and even question you about the same through the paper and our conversations continues. All these were happening while the class was still going on but we were just sailing in our own world of "you know what" and "is that so?". Only if our professor knows what was going on then.

You were on cloud nine when I told you that you look awesome in the way you have dressed up. And whenever you believed what I said, you give out a big bright white tooth smile - the reason why our soil engineering professor nicknamed you as Colgate girl ( not going deep into the subject now). But true to the fact, you made me contagious with your smile that soon transforms into laughter. Your next question (asking nearly 3 times in three different ways) will be about how do you look like in this dress/make-up and my answer will always be "You are a GORGEOUS lady!" [smile :)]. You were like a big sister for me telling me do this and that with my looks and even pester me that I am not taking care of my looks. And I always give in myself at the mercy of your hands.

You taught me how to style my hair telling me that you were the best hair stylist. I pretended to believe you and in fact gave my hair a sacrifice in your hands a number of times. Thankfully you avoided scissors and only worked with the comb ;).

We both were for each other at every ups and downs of our life even after we got married. My very first gift to you was a big make-up kit (hope you have it safe). Name it luck or fate, I guess we are meant to be with each other and because of it, we now staying close even in a far away country. Our friendship has crossed more than a decade and still we hold the same spark of liveliness and silly talks pulling each other legs whenever we get together or on our week end phone calls. 

I got this eyeliner and it is so I changed my lipstick color and it is brand new :p.. Did you get N7 cosmetic brand? The sale is going on over here..., the Dove soap really helps my know my hubby presented me with three dresses for my birthday (did he!)....When are you coming home?...Shall we hold a week end party ? and so on.

Now, our beauty topics have been extended with our daughters. Not to forget, we both use Dove soap for our daughters too. And now that I have another partner in beauty things (my daughter), she is subjected to a hell lots of things from me (she actually runs from one pillar to another away from me) with doing her hair styles, make-up and dressings...and before you open your mouth, What are daughters then for! (he he he)

At times, we argue such that 

I wished...
I never had a friend like you
for you are my worst criticizer
You easily points out where my mistakes lies
and drive me mad by your everlasting advice

Did I ever wish that I could have a friend like you ?
Being with you is a big err
I can't bear this long for goodness sake
Just give me time to take a break

But many times, 

I wished...
I wished if ever will I have a friend like you
who is always present to wipe my tear
the one I can rely on far and near
for you give me your voice to support

You comfort me and hold my hand tight
Always caring any time, day or night 

How could I never wish to have a friend like you?
No matter how important or silly matters we converse
We enjoy being together, in laughter we immerse
I don’t know how to rate our friendship or to measure
But I know that I needed to preserve it as a treasure

At final word, thank you for being my best friend and hope we pass this gift to our daughters too and so on...

The post was written for Dove Beauty Bar Soap and Indiblogger [ Hashtag : #DoveFaceTest ]


  1. Aww...this was cute, lovely and fun too! Lovely post Uma :D Loved it ..All the best for contest :)

  2. So many years and still you have remained the best of friends ! WOW ! :)
    I can totally relate to the thing where we used to converse in writings in an ongoing lecture :P
    Really I miss those good old days :)
    Lovely poem ! ATB for contest and wish you a happy new year too ! :)

  3. Very nice :) .. writing something in bit of paper and passing thru under the desk reminds my college days..
    All the best for the contest..

  4. Kinda cute post :) Best friends for so many years

  5. The poems are just so nice..and I loved the concept of that heartwala Dove..something similar to Ishqwala love..:-D..

    Best of luck Uma..:-)

  6. First of all Thanks a lot for choosing me and sharing cute little things we were upto during our good old college days!!!! “Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing.”
    Good Memories!!!.

    1. You are the one actually! I always value our friendship, no matter what. I couldn't add more details pertaining to the type of post but you are that someone special in my life :)

  7. Loved reading about the bond you share....another very touching entry. Golden days really. Merry Christmas! :)

  8. Lovely letter for a dear friend, Uma :) You have presented the past memories really nicely.
    Best wishes for the contest!
    Wish U & your family a Merry X' Mas & a very Happy New Year! Cheers!

  9. That was such a nostalgic and private note that I feel like intruding in your little world. Hope this beautiful piece wins you whatever is promised.

  10. The icing on the cake is that your bestie Kavitha responded here... cheers to you both :)

  11. Nice blog! Would you like to follow each other? :) ♥
    Merry Christmas!

  12. reminds me of my college days... what a lovely post

  13. Wonderful indeed and the most beautiful thing about this post; Kavitha commented here :D

  14. very beautiful friendship that you both share and such a sweet letter to your friend. loved it Uma. :)
    all the best for the contest :)

  15. very beautiful friendship that you both share and such a sweet letter to your friend.. loved it Uma :)
    all the best for the contest :)