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Sunday 30 June 2013

Yellow Golds!

She toiled the fields, not anymore
Harvest has befallen, none to explore
Storms above nevertheless knew her pain
that bestowed dearth in her own plane

Looking above, she beckoned the Gods
Let me embrace sustenance against all odds 
 Don't ensue and ravage my support
Wait until I reach my abode !

None to explore this mortal's earth 
 Covered with yellow golds, yet to unearth 

Saturday 8 June 2013

Aphrodite Poem - The Birth

Oh! Goddess of beauty and love
She who shines from above
Enter the seeker within me
Radiate and quench my plea

Arise, Oh! Aphrodite divine

The scent of perfumed flowers
Amidst smiles , passed hours
Wandering dreams, celestial song
Build my reign, subtle yet strong

Sign, Oh! Woman in me I sign

The ground shook beneath
Bit by bit between my trembling feet
Love imposed a seedling, abated strife
Appeared in existence a tiny life

Rise and shine , Oh!Aphrodite divine

This moment fed my sensation free
Blessed are we , two became three
She, an evening star, beautiful and fair
Shone bright in my life, beyond compare

Praise, Life Oh! Being feminine is divine

Like you, She arose from the ocean
Inside womb, moulded with my emotions
Like you, let she radiate Love and Light
Ergo named my baby,  Aphrodite !