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Friday 31 December 2010

New Year 2011 Wishes

New Year 2011 poems and wishes. Lets welcome New Year in its own and special way 

Names recollected
Wishes blowed in mails
Love showered in phone calls
And in SMSs we text our wishes
"Happy New Year 2011"

Having read the 2010 chapters ,adding it to storage
Now ,I start an another chapter turning a new page
A damn new opening of 1-1-11, the new year has come
Lets celebrate our book of Life back at home

Love is full of surprises
When I wake up, you said I shine nice
When I smile,you said I flower
When I cry,you said I rain in showers
When I walk ,you said the waves dances  
When I sleep,you said the breeze whispers
Whenever you speak of your love
I close my eyes with my head above
Praying as new days and years dawns
Our love should grow with same intensity redrawn


-The second one in 160 Characters including space

Thursday 30 December 2010

Love - A Haiku and A Story


He asks for her hand 
She responds with a soft touch
Love is a promise


Once upon a time there was a male glove standing dejected
he was lost and deprived because his other half was missing now
he searched and searched and waited and waited
but never finding the other pair, he walked on the pavement slow

He waked past the garments shop trying to find someone as his companion
he found lots of beautiful gloves,back and white,but none to his need
he was dejected and was moving with absolute abjection
while suddenly to his amazement,he saw a dark brown female glove bleed

He asked her what happened ...all she said was that she was torn apart
and was thrown down here and her master has got another
he felt happy....but selfish in his thoughts, he knew his thinkings are not smart
but all that he knew now is that he has fallen in love with her

He told her ,"I am lost too ...until I met you ,do you like to take my hand"
to his surprise,she laid her hand on his and "yes" she did mutter
and the story concludes as it always happens in all fairyland
they both drained in love,finally married and lived happily ever after

-written for the picture prompt from MAGPIE

Wednesday 29 December 2010

Shape of a Rose Poem or Concrete poem of Sun

Concrete or Shape poem: These types of poem represent objects which they represent like a  circle,triangle or a star,etc  and the poem can be written in these shapes.I chose the shape of rose to represent love because we refer red rose to love. And finally I concluded with a Sun poem in shape of the Sun.

Love Red Rose

Sunshine Poem

Tuesday 28 December 2010

The New Year has began

  1. A poetic form to express a feeling or an idea.
  2. It has a total of 19 lines in the pattern of 3-3-3-3-3-4 i.e in five tercets and a concluding quatrain.
  3. Except the second line in each stanza ,all other lines Rhymes.
  4. Two lines the first and third in the  first stanza are repeated along the poems in the pattern of
               1st  stanza - A1-b-C1
                2nd stanza -a-b-A1
                3rd stanza -a-b-C1
                4th stanza-a-b-C1
                5th stanza-a-b-c1
              6th stanza-a-b-A1 -C1, Where " a not repeated but rhymes, and b not repeated and does not   rhymes" and  " A1, C1 repeated and rhymes"
The New Year has Began

The countdown has began 5,4,3,2,and one ,ring the bell
Here opens the door to unveil the shades of the past
The new year has come to our rescue ,my angel

By physical apperance and in maturity level
We all grow and still grow with each new year
The countdown has began 5 ,4,3,2,and one,ring the bell

Age knew no bounds to express joy ,we pray to impel
Opening arms wide to the opportunity that's ahead
The new year has come to our rescue,my angel

To learn and to forget the good and the bad to excel
We are ready to unveil the new years screen aside
The countdown has began 5 ,4,3,2,and one,ring the bell

There is no end to anything in this world in wheel
Each thing moves on a circle to continue again anew
The new year has come to our rescue,my angel

Believe in the oneness as we welcome 1-1-11 to laurel
For to carry us along with it to spread joy in and out of each heart 
The new year has come to our rescue, my angel
The countdown has began 5 ,4,3,2,and one,ring the bell

Wishing You All A Happy New Year !

Sunday 26 December 2010

Charity - Haiku

Two kids cart death ants
Buried them ground in cross and prayed
Charity exposed

Leprosy aided 
Bears symbol of Charity
"Mother Teresa"

My first Haiku is about  kids who when come around dead ants,they carry them in leaves and bury them in the ground praying for them to rest in peace.Kids never need to  be taught charity,most of them do and think with their hearts and only when they grow to adults , they start thinking with their minds.Charity needs hearts ,only hearts that Love.This love is spread by missionaries of charity , one well known example is "Mother Teresa" reflected in my second Haiku

Charity begins here too  Help feed someone out there

Thursday 23 December 2010

The Self - Haikus

Believe in thy self
Its the seed you sow deep in
To grow your life tree

Myself, it destroys
All love relationships , whereas
" Ourselves " builds it

How much was I worth
I travelled My Self deep Inside
I found a blank cheque