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Monday 7 February 2011

Shape of a Heart and Love poem for Valentine - My 100 th post

To all those near /dear ones:

To that someone special :  
Someone special to sweep your feet off the floor
Making you fall in love outdoor as well as  indoor
Pushing you down with love bruises
Just to wet your skin with soft kisses

Making your head lift high to a day dreamer
With  hot blood rushing here and there higher
Pulling you up to hug tight in his arms
Singing you lullaby till you sleep calm

I tried my hand at BALLAD with a touch of sadness but in love.

He drives me down with love bruises
Sweeps my feet off the floor
To wet my skin with soft kisses
Both outdoor and indoor

Hot blood rushing in sends alarm
Making me cry with joy
Pulls me to hug tight in his arms
I day dream, Oh! My boy

My husband will come back to home
Away from the sound of war
Every six months I dream like this
The wait has been that far

He did come,but with broken arms
That has been lost in war
But now ,he is always with me
He is still my life's star

With work benefits paying our life
Missed days , compensated
Making love with my valentine
Life for us is gifted

Touched 100 th post and still going on......


  1. Congrats Uma, you rock.. 100 posts within a short span is awesome.. Great.. And Blog On!

    Wonderful poems here, loved it..

    Someone is Special

  2. @sis
    Thanks and welcome first to my 100 th post.It may be a short span of blogging but for poetry it has been there for journey hasn't finished yet though :)

  3. 100th post, wow.
    you rock.
    love the heart shape.

  4. Thats a really cool post, especially cool being the 100th. I'll be back again, really like your style.

  5. smiles...i love you heart poem...somewhere...some day...big smiles.

  6. Dear Uma
    Its so beautiful and I am starting to enjoy your concrete poetries.. you work so beautifully around the structure with your beautiful words...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  7. 100? Awesome!!! I loved your shape/concrete heart poem very much. Your ballad was poignant but lovely.

  8. !00 posts, cool! I love the shape poem.
    Nice work on the ballad.


  9. Oh crap! Is it Valentine's Day already?

    (Bolts out the door to buy flowers)

  10. I love ballads, one of the earliest forms I attempted. I think I grew from there on. I do miss the envoy which would have been even sweeter on this one. Nice work!

  11. The shape poem is really sweet, Uma...
    The ballad is simply beautiful!! Sad, but beautiful nonetheless!! Love, when true, is absolutely unconditional... and you've said that so well here...

    Heartiest Congratulations on your 100th, my friend!! I am looking forward to reading many mannnnnnny more from you....

  12. I dig this, the top 2...awesome! :)

  13. true and sweet like dew.

    love the creativity and sentiments on this.
    Happy V Day.


  14. That last poem was really moving. Loved it.

  15. Uma,
    I loved your Valentine's heartfelt and shaped words.
    Beautiful sentiments in all your words.
    Best wishes, Eileen

  16. Nice to come back to this beautifully presented verse again through Jingle Poetry Potluck...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  17. All three are beautiful. The heart poem made me smile both for shape as well as words. I loved the line "Pushing you down with love bruises" in 'To that someone special'. And your ballad definitely touched of both sadness and love; very sweet and lovely.

  18. How very beautiful !

    Please have a good new week.

    daily athens

  19. a beautiful ballad filled with arms big enough to hold the weight... some days it is just so good to see his face everything else is forgotten...

  20. wonderful words to commemorate your one hundredth post your Ballad is simply beautiful.