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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Inspired Words ! (Lilies of the Field)

Lilies of the Field

The Video starts with A English lesson

He :" I build the chapel "
They : "I build the chapel "
He :"You build the chapel "
They :" You build the chapel "
He :" We build the chapel "
They :" We build the chapel "
Mother Superior :" HE BUILDS the chapel "
It was a little fun to see her reaction when she said the above words.But the way she pronounced it  and by her reaction , she soulfully meant .
All is the work of the Lord,Our God!

Watch the clip! I  did and I loved the song .This clip is the prompt given by Poets united to write what rolls on my mind when watching it.My thoughts rolled on to produce :

Inspired Words !
Life has become IMPOSSIBLE
With my destiny stronger than my hope
Doses of self-motivations refrain
I am done!

But with ,
Magic of Some one's love
Miracle of Positive Thinking

God is NOW - HERE
I am done!
Doses of self-motivations rain
With my hope stronger than my destiny
Life has become I -M-POSSIBLE


  1. Interesting spin...keep 'em coming.

  2. YES! U R POSSIBLE! Hope reigns supreme somtimes.

  3. yes yes yes a bunch! Life is I'm possible! Great work.

  4. I love what you did with this prompt.


  5. Great I-M-POSSIBLE~
    and you showing us how powerful love truly is~

  6. Wow, I love what you did here...Love possiblity....on of my favorite words!!!! Thank you for the uplifting write...bkm

  7. Oh I LOVE that film!

    It's a forgotten classic.

  8. Nice take on this.. :) :) Oh yes, meant to ask you for a long time, hmmm, how should I address you? Your name is long.. :P :P Is it just Umas??

  9. @all ..That was nice to be commented by your presence :)

    @Krislen Neo-Thanks! Call me by my pen name" Iwrite4 " or just "UMA"


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