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Monday 14 February 2011

Genie in the Salt Cellar

Anyone out there ? Help me ! he cried
Whining out a little at the corner of the room
A little boy heard the cry and went to rescue
Stunned at its face,he became as white as a sheet
Frightened he was ready to run away 
but stood there still when again he heard its moan 
'Dont run! Help me',the face spoke to him
'Release me out  a bit for I am full',it said

'How could I help you ?',the little boy asked it
It replied,'Shake me out when the dinner is ready
So I may get some space for me  inside'
The boy did so as he was told to do
took the cellar for dinner and sprinkled it on his food
Tasting, he said 'The food is much tastier now'
'Yes,when in limited in use its good for us both',
said the face in the cellar with a smile

'Who and what are you ',the boy questioned it
The face said,'I am the Genie in the salt cellar
Shake me!I will sprinkle out a wish for you' 
He did so,and the genie granted him  a wish
A wish of good health with limited salt and true love
Before leaving,the boy asked where to find him again?
The genie said,'I am there everywhere in the whispering air,
but you can find me a whole lot here in my salt cellar'
'That's nice ', said the boy and before going
he asked the genie did he need any other help
The genie replied,
Yes!Just never forget me when I am full


  1. What a cute tale :)
    It's funny how we all saw something besides salt in the shaker

  2. nice...i like the ask at the end...might go rub my salt shaker to see if it will greant me a wish..smiles.

  3. How clever this is - special genies are hard to find.

  4. Definitely an interesting take (taste) on the prompt.
    I like this tale.

  5. Charming tale. I like how the genie made the food taste better.

  6. A tale to take with a pinch of salt! LOL

  7. Delightful little fairy tale!!!

  8. fantastic magpie

    love your imaginations.

  9. that was beautifully penned... a lovely tale :D

  10. I enjoyed the fancy of sprinkling out a wish. Clever and cut. Thanks!

  11. Loved this one...well written and endearing.

  12. Ah, this was really cool! Very creative! :o)

  13. WOWIIEEZZ!! What a tale!! I became a child again as I Was reading this one!! Enjoyed it THOROUGHLY!!
    I want a genie salt cellar too!! I will tend to him when he is full.. I promise!! :))

  14. What fun and wonderfully written!! :-)

  15. Playful spirits lie within the cellars.

  16. I can see the expression on the little boy's face.

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