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Sunday 27 November 2011

Rhythmus :My New e-book Published

I have been happy to come out with my selected best unpublished poems for my new e-book "RHYTHMUS" .You all have been helpful to make me analyse and write better and the outcome is this new e-book.Thanks for the love and support.

You can purchase it from Smash word : Download 

The amount is very small so you wont have to hesitate to download it in your Apple ,Kindle or as pdf files.If you like my works, do share it with your friends

Again,thanks for the love and support to make me hooked into the writing world.

Friday 25 November 2011

Writers and Novelists

Words flow through a hand
writing its own mind with a pen
A new page is written everytime
as each new day dawns.
I flow with each and every move
of that invisible fingers

Open the index that points to
a sweet twist in my chapter
Wherein I have asked you
to join me to unfold new pages
So that we can reproduce
a sequel in the coming days ahead.

Among the ups and downs of my life ,
I had my best writings
to be reproduced into editions
for generations to come.
I still ...
I still live through them
So never ever repent..
even if you hear someone say that
"My Chapters have been closed"

- dedicated to all writers

Tuesday 8 November 2011

The Mirror Outside

She lay spread on bed
As silent as she can be
Idle and possessed
I collected her as I got up
Carefully pulling out the loops
That resulted due to the love
Between the hairs at night
Mockingly , I tied her up

I opened the door for her
To get wet in the cool shower
I moved my fingers through her
And loosened her from the clutch
I watched the sight...
Gracious !
She fell cascading in elegance
And when the cool water trickled her
She soaked  herself into moistness
Doving in the shampoo producing rich lather
I bathed her fresh like a morning star

She then cuddled in between the cotton treads
Peeping now and then to the light outside
Frizzling slow...
She dried herself under the Sun
Allowing the heat to penetrate into her
Pampered in the warmth of love

Suddenly the cool breeze swarmed
Into the holes between the strands
Of her hair, unveils the beautiful face
That’s hidden behind the thin long screens
Scrubbing out the scents from the hair
That been bathed with rosewater touch
I smelled the fragrance closing my eyes
Indulging in the sweetness of tenderness

Each time I hold her soft body in my hands
I felt tender passion dissolving in
Each time she brushed on my face
I remembered pleasant moments
Being a delicate part of my body
She responds to every pain I incur
I know that she cares more for me
Breaking loose and in size reduce
Ready to hides my tears,when low
Or shines with glow when I 'm joyous
And this is how she talks with me.
I never seen such friend who heeds
To every feelings that I undergo ,
Displaying or making sure that I read

I brushed aside my wavy sassy lover
That knows how I feel in her close presence
I shook my head and beamed thinking
Of the woman in me who loves being pampered
With the same soft touch of care and love
I realize that I need to tie her up once again
A secret brief lock....
As she is my best Mirror outside

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