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Friday 27 August 2010

The Song That Touched My Heart

I am posting today with the theme " The great artist Dilip Varman" today.Though this site contains many poems written by me ,I wanted to post two songs composed by him since they are poetic in itself and adds more beauty to my blog.The credits goes to Dilip Varman ,the You tube and the one who uploaded that content.There are many artist like him ,mainly our Ilayaraja and A.R.Rehman.Nobody can be compared with those legends.Like them, Dilip varman too is a ( budding ) legend.

There are lots of album songs by him,but can't paste them all here.Two of the best one are for you to see with lyrics .I took time to write the lyrics for the second song now ready for you to Enjoy.

I request you to pause the background music which is present at the end of this page before proceeding further to watch these songs :)

1) Meendum Meendum(with lyrics)

(English and Tamil Lyrics)

2) Kanevellam (with lyrics)

(English and Tamil Lyrics)
Let us see some more details of this great artist Dilip Varman as a nicely written poem
Here we go,

I have come across this Malasiyan singer named S.Dilip varman
Who was born on 28 april 19xx in Penang truly
Is a natural Tamil singer and composer by profession
He started his musical journey in year 2000 as a stage singer initially
His talent got noticed and in 2002 he sang in an album named "Naveenam"
He was invited to join the group of Sashi Rogwave aka D'Shaaq cordially
With whose guidance he went a step forward to start his own company
"Dilip Varman Production"

He moved a step forward producing his own album "Kanvellam",its his reality
With it and Uyirai Tholaithen composed by jay of Stigmatrix he made heads turn admiringly
It caught the nation by surprise with its composition and rendering quality
And thus became number one hit song in Malaysion history
Dilip's second album was named "Meendun Meendum",again a nation wide hit
Where he even sang a song with INDIA's playback singer Karthik

His third album is "Idayamellam" which is currently under production
You can still watch the promo here , its worth a visit , a million
As for awards,Dilip was the"Best Male Vocalist" for MIMI awards 2007
Hmm..Can I get your comments as an award for being an fabulous promoter
Gentleman and Gentlewoman!

Wednesday 25 August 2010

You Are The Magnificence In Human Form

The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart, this you will build your life by, and this you will become.
- James Allen

The thing I love about inspiring quotes is they pack so much wisdom in so few words. Some of them are really mind and heart opening – just reading them has the power to give you a new life.And below is the MOST inspiring video I had come across ever.Following the video comes my POEM.Both will give you goosebumps.Watch it and Read it.
You will feel complete-as a HUMAN


Some where in my life I felt why I was born
But as time passes by, it has been proved that I am wrong
I am born new each day in this world that I live
I strive as a human in my world of solace and afflictive
I am still the magnificence in human form
I am strong enough to hold anything inside my arm
I am happy to born as an Human
I can and will do all that I can

Every human beings in this world exist for their own reasons
Each day we keep moving on our paths learning our lessons
Someday we might not be here in this world
But whatever trace we leave here teaches others sixfold
I am alive now and will enjoy being human every bit
I am born as an HUMAN and I love it !

Friday 20 August 2010

Never Running Away From You

Never running away from you is written based on the concept of an husband and a wife both of them aged.The aged love that reflects when his wife is sick.The husband could not see his wife being sick and in pain. But he too is aged.He dreams to run away from the responsibity...he dreams...he imagines....he writes...he understands

Oh love,I try to run away from you
Unable to see you cry and laying in bed
But whatever I do, I come running back to you
Its life I have to face , after all we are aged

I am here standing looking at your wrinkled face
My God ,you have changed and you needed me a lot
If I had left you ,the love I had for you would be a disgrace
So I am here and will be there ever though you want me or not

I could remember the stories you used to tell
Of the angels and the demons ,the good and the bad
I can recollect your prayers for me when I am unwell
And the days we spend together though happy or sad

You are the one who made me whole again
You are the one who taught me how to love and to forgive
Please dont leave me , the thinking itself ,it pains
You are the one for whom I have some reasons to live

I pray and wait for the day when you will be well
For this relationship of us is great and is more than love
I heared someone saying that they have seen an Angel
I thought ,"Yes, She is my wife and I am looking at her now"

When I can look Life in the eyes,
Grown calm and very coldly wise,
Life will have given me the Truth,
And taken in exchange - my youth.

Monday 16 August 2010

Will The Clouds Decide My Future ?

I was sitting in my backyard sipping in my cup of tea
With the habit of watching clouds taking different forms
Impressed how the dust particles above move in clusters I see
Taking forms of bear to mountain to ships and moving slowly it deforms
When I think I see a bird, and there I can see a bird
Sometime when I vision a flower, I could the appearance of its margin
I love this imaginary play with the clouds making new words
I move and push the cloud-clusters to a form the shape I imagine
Thats how I keep deciding what to see on the shape's nature
Did I tell decide?Of course I said decide
I am deciding what to see in the moving clouds making vivid pictures
Its something special in each of us somewhere underneath it hides
If I can imagine what I want to see and then see
With all in my imagination and virtue
Why not I decide what I want to be and be
It all depends on the power of making things come true
Never under-estimate our power of thinking and imagining things
Its INCEPTION leading to wonderful CREATION
If its possible,even there will come times we can fly without wings

Friday 13 August 2010

The Story Of Titanic With A Different View

With some modulation and to better understand the concept of my poem , I am posting again my oldest and best poem "TITANIC". I wrote this after watching this touching movie...really touched that it ended me in writing a poem about it.

This poem is based on a man, the Captain’s best pal and First Officer William McMaster Murdoch.
Murdoch was the officer in charge at the bridge when the Titanic struck the iceberg on 14 April 1912. There are varying accounts as to what orders Murdoch gave in order to avoid collision with the iceberg.Also he is depicted as an honest officer who struggled to save the people from sinking but at last committed suicide on the great Titanic regretting his mistake of killing a man. Read the poem to get more out of it and notice that each sentence ends with rhyming end.
TITANIC( A one man story begins....) By Uma Maheswari.A

To read the book of the Sea
I started my life as a sailor
I traveled in a ship named titanic
Which I never knew, at the end, would wreck
I saw all kinds of people, young and old
And the rich people dressed in emery and gold
To the view I could reach, I see
A tiny dot, the head of the harbor
I saw a baby boy cry so high
Which startled a brown-bearded guy
I went to the deck to look below
To view how beautiful the water flows
And to see how the shark paddles is fun
Under the great ship which runs

I could see my captain eyes so proud
Looking gracefully around the moving crowd
I went near him and gave him a smile
He said, “Oh! My boy we are almost near Nile”
Then at noon, I was asked to dine in a precious hall
Where good sketches and rare paintings decorated the wall
Sipping in great anticipation of pleasure
We made a stimulating conversion of Titanic as treasure
Nearly three thousand people are on our (titanic) land
Along with merry cookers and bright solo band
Each had their own enjoyment and party,
The Upper class with meat and wine and the Lower with tea

Deep fear and horror struck my heart
When I heard of the ship going to have its last bath
Hit by the glacier gave the ship a big hole
Which is going to swallow the life of the whole
Sunset cloud carved with soft knife fill the sky
And our great titanic like tigers track (in snow) slowly moves by
Inside the big room, the captain and the crew made a move to find
A way to escape with a heavy heart and disordered mind
Soon the message spread out like swarm of bees in the air
And there seemed confused face filled with wrath everywhere
Soon preparation were made to carry women and children in boats
And for people who don’t know swimming were given swimming coats
Some men’s were fierce to escape along with children and made fuss
Some didn’t try but slept in silence since they felt things are hopeless
Measures were made fast to preclude the entry of water from all places
And for me, things meant impossible for the water seems to take its race

Bad! At last ,the ship was being sucked in like a dog’s bone
And the poor people, some nearly flat with fright gave a dull moan
One by one, the boats went on as it was decided
In front of those men who are growing pale and red
The great ship was being sucked in very fast
And still thousands of people were left at last
Our captain the real men was sad enough to miss
Our Ship, so he went went inside his room to give the ship his last kiss
Like sudden bomb blast, waters broke into the windows
And in every place I could hear people crying and their furious roars
People who told that it was pleasure to travel in titanic
Now started to blame the ship feeling tired and sick

I tried to control the people with my gun
Targeting at those people who tried to run
Becoming rage with anger at a man who was going away from my will
Off I took my gun and aimed at him to kill
He fell down giving me a startling look near my arm
And all the people around me was shocked to calm
Ashamed of my work, I aimed at my head with my pistol
I shot with a sudden jerk and down I fell
I could no more hear the cries coming from the Titanic, the ship
A wonderful treasure, which we had and still keep

________________________THE END_________________________

Hi , I request you all to watch this video from youtube.I have been very lucky to have got this ,very apt to my poem.

Thursday 12 August 2010

More Of Fibonacci Poems

More of Fibonacci poems
Read my poem and tell me whether I am Right or Wrong.
Both fight
Why they fight?
Right said he is strong
Wrong laughed and said "never be so wrong".

Right questioned.
Wrong told Right
"I can be believed easily."
"You have to fight for your right."

said Right
"But remember this
Yours is always temporary man
Somewhere on the path right will be known
At that time I will be stronger and you will never be known."

Then I tried to write Fibonacci poems with our Nursury Rhymes too.I played around with the words and then came out with this one :
Twinke Twinke in series 1 1 2 4 6 10

Little Star
Wondering who you are?
Up above the world so high
You are always shining like a diamond in the sky
Jack and Jill

They both
Went up the hill
To fetch a pale of water
Jack fell down , broke his crown with Jill following after

My own version of Nursery Rhyme

Teddy Bear
Play with me
Holding hands ,dance with me

Come with me
Holding hands,walk with me

* * ** *** ***** ******* ************* *********************


Wednesday 11 August 2010

Wonderful FIBONACCI Poems

What is Fibonacci poetry?
Fibonacci poetry is a form based on the Fibonacci number sequence.The Fibonacci sequence begins with either zero or one, followed by one, and proceeds based on the rule that each number called a Fibonacci number is equal to the sum of the preceding two numbers. The sequence begins like this:

1 + 0 = 1
1 + 1 = 2
2 + 1 = 3
3 + 2 = 5
5 + 3 = 8
8 + 5 = 13
13 + 8 = 21
and so on.

Fibonacci poems can be written in two ways:
1) in numbers of syllables (syllable-based )or
2) in numbers of words(word-count-based).

Most people write their poems so that each line contains the number of words of its place in the sequence, and some use the sequence to determine the number of syllables in each line. Both methods follow a growth pattern giving the poem a wonderful look.

Things are really getting interesting.

One such poems is :

a Fib?
A poem
Syllables are arranged in lines
according to Fibonacci's sequence of numbers:
One, one, two, three, five, eight, thirteen, twenty-one, thirty-four, fifty-five and so on

Why not me? I tried to write the Fibonacci poem.I wrote it as word-count based poem. Read it .Hope you people will be entertained.

And them
All of us
Are all brought up together
But you are important to me than them

Why ?
Only you
Can you guess?
Oh it is very simple
"You are my only sister", said her brother

Fibonnacci poem is not the only one.There are more different types of poetry like Ballad , Cinquain ,Haiku , Acrostics , Palindrome and many more .You  can see them by clicking the labels on your right hand side.

Monday 9 August 2010

Friends Till The End

Friends are like flowers
-they spread into your life's garden blossoming with happiness everywhere
Friends are like stars
-you can't always see them but you know they are there.

Oh,Friend we walk all the way in our own life's path,taking a bit of each other
Taking the goods and leaving the bads,we learned to mature together

Be my Friend
Till the End

Like a Breeze -You are with me always by my side
Like a sunshine -Always guiding me the right way in my ride

Love you my friend
Stay with me till the end

Friday 6 August 2010

Proposed To Her With A Song

I am ending this weekend with a proposal song.This poem is purely imagination.

Once there was a Prince who went to a party arranged by his friends.There he met a Princess.He fell head over heels in love with the Princess.He proposed to her with a song like this ....

L..O..V..E, Love is just a four letter word
But it contains the emotions of the whole world
So Love Me

I wanted to share with you a part of my life
So my love, marry me and be my wife
Marry Me

I will show you the exact meaning of love
Please come near me and kiss me now
Kiss me

You never be happy like you are with me
You are my Princess and so always it will be
Consider Me

Our Princess admired the way he proposed to her and in return she sang to him ,

Oh Dear, I cant wait to be your wife and your lover
Hold my hand , hold them now and leave them never
Hold Me

The Prince gave her a smile and kissed her.Then he held her hand and then they danced together.

Then they got married and lived happily ever

Thursday 5 August 2010

Walking Alone On The Deserty Land

This poem is more or like a story .This man in my story is unhappy with his life .His wife has asked him to go to market to buy bread for she wanted to eat them.He does'nt want to since he is just back home.He fights with her that she has no time to ask .His wife is too not satisfied with the life since she loves to live a rich life.But,when there is something other than money needed,they are there for each other.He loves her for that and she for him.Now, in our poem now,he goes to buy the bread walking on the desert.Read on....


Walking Alone on the Desert

To the town I go my way
Where no flowers swing and sway
Boring and sadness is my life
Because of my nagging wife

She asked me to buy a loaf of bread
Always sleeping in her cusion bed
There are no regular times she asks me to buy
And when I ask her this, her anger blows up high

I have no enough money to make her happy
Nor I fullfilled her wishes the way she wanted it to be
Thinking of this life I live with a wife I have wed
She is one who make me cry but always there when needed

Sighing,I see the camel who guides my ride
Where the sands are spread soft and wide
The sun is hot making me to thirst
Without water my heart will burst

There is no trees to take rest
And I have a long way to go to the west
The soft sand makes me unable to walk
And now I am also unable to talk

My eyes feels very dry and tired
But still I walked wherever my legs lead
Closing my eyes ,I sang the song of paradise
Praying that every cells in my body should rise

There I could see another man like me walking
Thank god, he gave me some water for drinking
Now at last I was ready to face
Much better the deserty and the sandy place


Monday 2 August 2010



Reasons…Reasons. Reasons….what are they?
We cry for some reasons…We laugh for some reasons
Some people have pain in their heart, but they have such a smiling face that you can’t say they are in sadness
Some may laugh outward though it is hard to accept the truth that are not actually laughing
Why? Why?

Why are these happening?
Why have the world lost the beauty for naturalness
We just pretend…
Is that because we are actors in the theatre called world ?We act our part …Cry …Laugh…Hug…like such
Don’t we all have dreams? Dreams to accomplish. Dreams to be happy
Are we all here to sacrifice things, sacrifice our dreams and our hopes?

We build our own fences not from animals but far away from our own brotherhood
Creating laws, religions, languages and castes
We lost the beauty of love and hope
We lost the creation of nature
And now we live in a world of machines
Where we find no love and no humanity
There are no reasons …We create reasons
We are the reasons
Our creations are the reasons
We make our generation who has and gives reasons for no reasons at all
We creators are the mastermind behind it,dont we?
We turn the gods beautiful creations into ugliness
And we say that ugliness are the beauty of mankind
We tame animals and make machines do things like humans
But we humans turn into animals
We reverse the creations of god
Can anyone say a reason for this?
Yes. We have many reasons
We can say a tons of reasons
Because we are the ones who created it …huh…right?

________________________________________________________________ I wrote this poem of Reason.When I read it now ,I could'nt reason how I wrote it haha.