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Friday 6 August 2010

Proposed To Her With A Song

I am ending this weekend with a proposal song.This poem is purely imagination.

Once there was a Prince who went to a party arranged by his friends.There he met a Princess.He fell head over heels in love with the Princess.He proposed to her with a song like this ....

L..O..V..E, Love is just a four letter word
But it contains the emotions of the whole world
So Love Me

I wanted to share with you a part of my life
So my love, marry me and be my wife
Marry Me

I will show you the exact meaning of love
Please come near me and kiss me now
Kiss me

You never be happy like you are with me
You are my Princess and so always it will be
Consider Me

Our Princess admired the way he proposed to her and in return she sang to him ,

Oh Dear, I cant wait to be your wife and your lover
Hold my hand , hold them now and leave them never
Hold Me

The Prince gave her a smile and kissed her.Then he held her hand and then they danced together.

Then they got married and lived happily ever


  1. what a wonderfully sweet write. Very simple account of love and marriage.

    Here is my offering for this first Gooseberry Garden picnic:

  2. Aww! Am I a dork because this nearly brought tears to my eyes?

    Actually, I just recently wrote a post like this, so I'm all gassed on the subject, haha:

  3. magical love here, love the image and words.

    brilliant entry.

  4. Happy Poetry Picnic!

    this entry is uplifting and entertaining.

  5. The imnages of Cinderella to me waaay back. Fun write, Uma.