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Monday 16 August 2010

Will The Clouds Decide My Future ?

I was sitting in my backyard sipping in my cup of tea
With the habit of watching clouds taking different forms
Impressed how the dust particles above move in clusters I see
Taking forms of bear to mountain to ships and moving slowly it deforms
When I think I see a bird, and there I can see a bird
Sometime when I vision a flower, I could the appearance of its margin
I love this imaginary play with the clouds making new words
I move and push the cloud-clusters to a form the shape I imagine
Thats how I keep deciding what to see on the shape's nature
Did I tell decide?Of course I said decide
I am deciding what to see in the moving clouds making vivid pictures
Its something special in each of us somewhere underneath it hides
If I can imagine what I want to see and then see
With all in my imagination and virtue
Why not I decide what I want to be and be
It all depends on the power of making things come true
Never under-estimate our power of thinking and imagining things
Its INCEPTION leading to wonderful CREATION
If its possible,even there will come times we can fly without wings


  1. why is someone else(Al Dente) blog list, is getting displayed in your blog.

  2. Its " Amazon Blog widget" that I added to my blog.But its really too much of aldente name and let me check ....Thanks for informing!

  3. love the thoughts,
    clouds, they are powerful....

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. >>> The power of making things come true --- yes, powerful, indeed - as your words.

    Happy Monday!

    My Monday Morning poem.

  5. Beautiful cloud photo and poem to match.

  6. Very nice with many questions and views of life and philsophoy....bkm

  7. I agree with bkm...a wonderful thoughtful poem. Thanks for sharing with Potluck my friend xx

  8. I do a great deal of sky-watching, so I can relate to this!