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Sunday 31 July 2011

Exploring Poetry - Rhyming Love that's not my choice

Writing is the best way through which a person can express his thoughts and feelings .The pen /pencil is the paintbrush that the poets uses to create a illusion of objects or thoughts to create a beautiful art with words.Thus poetry is something precious to be shared either by speech or by writing like we do with arts. If you ever ask a kid about poetry, the little one either comes up with 

Twinkle .Twinlke little star
How I wonder what you are
"When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze."

Anything or Everything that Rhymes is a poetry for a kid (I used to rhyme poems for that effect).Without Rhyming, a poetry book is not fulfilled , IMP .Welcoming everyone who stumbles upon this post on  "Exploring Poetry " prompt "RHYMING"

How to write a Rhyming poetry :
  1. Choose the topic or idea about what you want to write and just write in a free pattern
  2. Arrange the lines in groups of 2 or 4 or 6 or 8  in even numbers
  3. Organize the sentences and words to form a meaningful line
  4. Add a tune or rhyme to the end of each sentence
  5. For rhyming words ,you can either choose dictionary at home or at online like Rhyming Zone
  6. Choose any Rhyming pattern and go with it all along the poem ( AAAA, ABAB, AABB,ABBA)
The below poem is written in the rhyme scheme (AABBBCC)

Love that's not my choice

Love was not my choice until I met you
My heart melted with the love you brew
Slowly hooked
Steadily captured
Steeply engraved
It spoiled my sleep at night
Made your wrong moves right

In Love, maths of one plus one is still one
Forgetting all ,drowning in love minding none
Complex dealings
Imaginary floatings
Under Real feelings
It secured a place in my heart tight
Taming me to a person so quite

Love , ah this potion is so strong
I confess that I cant hold it long
Eyes playful
Oh!Life lulls
Longs sedatives for this twinge
Yours unforgettable clinch

Love - a small but a strong word
Commonly used and always heard
Staring as it comes
Striking the heart drum
Electrifies through rhythm
The music mingles the breath forever
Staying with us and leaving never

Show me a person who never Loves
He is Heartless - maybe someone has stolen it from him
He can never find the truth 
Until he believes that he too can love
 ©Umamaheswari Anandane

If you have any poems that rhymes , link in

Thursday 21 July 2011

The Moon stars the night cloud as he plays ....

Clouds whisper to the moon
as he passes her tanned face
curtains her with white smoke
to rave themselves in a secret place
I, breathe in silence
peeping over the window sill
watching them play
I stay

He moves swiftly unveiling her face
enriching her looks with sparkling stars
As she dazzled in her new diamond lace
he saw her shying away from his hold
This love and play they had
would make any poet express their joy
for finding an artistic display
lay gracefully at bay

I accompanied their show
with my canvas and brush
painting the moonlit beau
Seeing me stare at them
they send their sigh as breeze
soothing me to sleep with ease

As the moonlit night sublimes to dawn
I awoke with a yawn
as dews brushed my skin
eager to look the night princess
engraved in a paper by pen
through my poetic fingers

She has revived from my words
"Shining Again"

Monday 18 July 2011

Ottava Rima - WANTING

After a short break, I am continuing with the "Exploring Poetry" journey with a new poetry form "OTTAVA RIMA".
What is this Ottava Rima?.It is a rhyming stanza of Italian origin usually for long poems.Many poeters such as Boccaccio , Poliziano , Boiardo Spenser, Milton, Yeats and  Lord Byron have successfully used this form in their poems.The Ottava Rima in its current form was created by the Italian poet Giovanni Boccaccio, who used it first in Theseide.

The Filostrato of Giovanni Boccaccio

To write a Ottava Rima  :
  1. As the name says ,thItalian musical term "ottava" is related to the Italian word for eight: otto.  and "rima"means rhyme in Italian meaning that it is a stanza of eight lines which has rhyming scheme.
  2. It is usually written in  iambic pentameter.Iambic foot means that has two syllables the first lightly stressed, and the second heavily stressed. Pentameter is five of those feet to a line. 
  3. From the above two points, we have to write a poem of eight lines in five feet and each foot has the stress on the second syllable.
  4. The rhyming pattern of each stanza consists of three alternate rhymes and one double rhyme, following the ab-ab-ab-cc pattern.It is said that the Italian poets used the female rhymes to these patterns.
As child ,I wished for things toying my eyes  (a) 
Some worked with tantrums ,every child's weapon  (b) 
To seek warmth and attention this child relies  (a) 
Shield , I  snail into my Mother's curtain  (b) 
As adult , I grabbed eyes to make magpies    (a) 
Ruling the world as if my own cabin  (b) 
I had my own drama and scenes to be  (c) 
Yet rooted to the  ground, pleased to agree  (c) 

A bit of my grand passed to my mother  (a) 
Who then passed it to my daughter through me (b) 
I wanted my kid to grow with laughter  (a) 
With the positives that I  learned to gee   (b) 
Growing from mistakes , part of  another (a) 
Clung onto my generations to be (b) 
To follow my journey , quenching my steam (c)
In search to end my half completed dream (c)

I tried to follow the meter and rhyming pattern.The foot varies according to the rhyme , not so iambic .Post your views below as comments on the same .If You have a Ottava Rima of your own , do leave your links in the comment section below .

Monday 11 July 2011

The Chakra of Love

Chakra, the wheel
It rolls and rolls
You know how it feels
When true love flows

An eye that smile
A smile that curves
Thinking of you awhile
Into your mind I dive

Chakra, the wheel
It rolls and rolls
Here before you I kneel
Kissing your hand slow

An eye that smile
A smile that curve
Carrying you with style
Love I will , ever preserve 

 © Umamaheswari Anandane