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Sunday 30 October 2011

Halloween Party at Night

Lighted Pumpkins on the doorway
Invites witches to come and play
Wandering on brooms stick on the sky
Zoom Zoom and Zoom ,they fly

I was seated in a dim lighted room
With hunched back and deadly groomed
I slowly sucked in my thick red tomato soup
From a big bowl of scary dots and loops

Knock Knock Knock, I heard some noise
Crooked broken voices of girls and boys
Receiving the signal, I quickly gathered
My baskets with monster chocolate and fled

Hello Hello and Hello..we are in
Come let us  party for Halloween
From door to door, we go and call
Tagging for party friends ,short and tall

We scare and scare all through the night
Those who were caught on our sight
They stood and looked at us kids
Snaring at us with their wry smile undid

Witches or skeleton, we need no such dress
And telling there's yet no monster better than us

Saturday 29 October 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011 - 50,000 word Novel in just 30 days !

National Novel Writing Month for 2011 for all writers who love to write novels with guidance.I have participated in A to Z Challenge , NaPoWriMo(National Poetry Writing Month) and Haiku Challenges before for continuous one month.It had been a real challenge driving me to write whether I am ready or not.And as a result, I wrote everyday , learned new things and  finally produced some wonderful works  through them.This NaNoWriMo is 10 times more than the other writings challenge.If you like to face a real challenge in you life that keeps you awake all through the whole month, then this is for you.(I'm still thinking about it)

For those who wanted to know what NaNoWriMo is , I am giving you a brief summary.

What is NaNoWriMo ?

November is the chosen month for all who signed up.You got to write a 50,000-word novel on November 1 and finish by midnight on November 30th.You can write on drafts on your blog or use MS.Word document or even Notepad.Whatever you chose ,from November 1 everyday you got to update your word count in that box provided by NaNoWriMo .org site ( at the top) and then you can post excerpts of what you have written in your blog for your readers to read daily or weekly or however you want them to. Then, on the final day November 30,give yourself a good pat for successfully finishing it and upload your novel for official verification on the website.

If all goes well ,then you will be added to the web site's hallowed Winner’s Page.Also you get a cool winner’s certificate and web badge so that you can publish them on your blog/website. How does it sound? Cool isn't it.But one thing that I appreciate here is that it says that we will motivate us throughout our writing process (by the website).If you are looking for something like this, then why don't you sign-up too? Sign Up

Friday 21 October 2011

The Story of Rapunzel's Hair

Long Long ago, I grew long to flow
Wavy and sassy , chit chat as I go
I brush the soft walls on the towers
That measures my height as I reach lower
I am bathed in Lukewarm water
With natural herbs and natural colors
I am pampered with nourishing coconut oils
Carefully and neatly tied up to coil
My long golden mane with colorful ribbons
Adorned with flowers ,yellow and crimson
I am loved and taken care of so well
By a beautiful maiden named Rapunzel
I played messenger helping her find
Her true love role playing from behind
Up and down , In and out I go
Providing a only pathway to below
Until the wicked witch struck me upon
Cutting my beauty in two , one half down
Held wickedly on the hands of the witch
My other half on Rapunzel who's been ditched
I wander with her in the lonely woods
Unknown of the spell cast upon her only good
Finally, a rescue was bestowed through a Dove
To bring back my true long self and her True Love

Love and get loved - The story of Rapunzel's hair rescued through the Dove
One thing I loved about Rapunzel's hair is that she pampered her hair with love and affection which drove her to get healthier and long hair.I am not a Rapunzel but I can do what she does to her Hair [ pampering my hair to save what is left now :( ]

Life is fun when viewed from a different perspective ."Put yourself in other's shoe so you may know their pain" is a well known proverb. Now ,let me put it in a different way."Put yourself on the other side of the world say a dream world so that you may  know how beautiful your life is like a poetic world " . Chill !! :)

Shape Poems - A amalgamation of big brand Cars to ride with ...

Shape Poems are a little tricky.They can be fun to be played with and also at the same time ,it is a little time consuming since we got to derive at a shape with our final outcome.They provide more fun especially to the children who gets attracted to patterns and shape and learning to write poems using this form of poetry can bring more involvements in literature.

You can know more about this form of poetry through these links 


Monday 3 October 2011

Published Poems and Articles

RHYTHMUS (via Smashword) - This is my best unpublished works with dreams and hopes woven at my best into poems.Even now when I read them ,I drown myself into the beauty of the poems.I am sure you will like them too.It is also available at Barnes & Noble  , Apple iTunes , Sony Reader , WHSmith for NooK books. Read the sample pages Click here.... 

INSIDE MY POEM BOOK @ AMAZON- My debut eBook with published and unpublished works .I loved when I worked out this eBook into Kindle edition for Amazon Kindle Store .It was a dream come true. Now available at Winkstore , Infibeam and Pothi too.

Online Literary Publication which I cherish most
CHILDREN STORY - by Pratham Books

Online Articles Publications 

For Blogs :

By Print
I have had the memorable moments of more articles being published by print in few magazines like City Direct Pondicherry Magazine and other small prints Magazines
Few Scanned and Uploaded on my Face Book 

Another one in the making of The Project Humming Bird by Fountain Guild Pen on the National level :)