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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween Party at Night

Lighted Pumpkins on the doorway
Invites witches to come and play
Wandering on brooms stick on the sky
Zoom Zoom and Zoom ,they fly

I was seated in a dim lighted room
With hunched back and deadly groomed
I slowly sucked in my thick red tomato soup
From a big bowl of scary dots and loops

Knock Knock Knock, I heard some noise
Crooked broken voices of girls and boys
Receiving the signal, I quickly gathered
My baskets with monster chocolate and fled

Hello Hello and Hello..we are in
Come let us  party for Halloween
From door to door, we go and call
Tagging for party friends ,short and tall

We scare and scare all through the night
Those who were caught on our sight
They stood and looked at us kids
Snaring at us with their wry smile undid

Witches or skeleton, we need no such dress
And telling there's yet no monster better than us


  1. This is playful and fun,

    Thanks for writing one for this week's picnic,

    you rock.

  2. What a great last line. You'll find mine here.

  3. what a great poem for Halloween it is so well done and so playful

  4. That's a great fun read!
    Very enjoyable.

  5. truly... enjoyed your take Uma.. Keep writing such posts..

    Someone is Special

  6. I like it, very different from mine, please have a look.

  7. no monster better than us...true statement....

  8. Excellent!!. This is the first time that I am reading your poems.
    They are really good.
    Please go through my poems as well:

    Your comments are eagerly awaited.

  9. creative.


    join poets rally any time this week.

    Happy November.

  10. some insightful thoughts, well done.

  11. Hello.
    Visiting from the The Poetry Pantry.

    What a fun & creative piece for Halloween.
    Nice flow & ending.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Imaginary Dreams

  12. nice Halloween piece


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