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Sunday 16 March 2014

Building Love With You

If I have wings to fly, I would fetch the stars
to bring some twinkling in your eyes
If I know to swim, I would build a coral swing
brought from under the deep blue sea
But all I could do is to use my legs
to walk with you, beside you always

I will write a couple of love songs
so as to sing to make you feel loved
I will run my fingers into your hair
Slightly brushing and playing as you sleep
I will spend time to decorate my dish
cooked with love and care to eat
In deep silence,
I would walk far whereever you lead me,
With not a word spoken,
but still feeling good around you.

We shall travel far to the Shakespeare village
To dance and sing ballads of love
Let's also travel far to Verona in Italy,
To feel love on Romeo and Juliet's balcony
Why not visit the Taj Mahal or the Eiffel Tower
We shall propose and start our love all over again

Sometimes, I wish to escape to an island
where we both are all alone, just you and me
We shall make love drenching in the sea water
or become kids again building sand castles
We shall rise with the sun, and slumber
on each other arms watching the setting sun
Let's get started, to travel far away
Sweeping across the ocean bay
Even if  you can't promise me a Taj Mahal
We shall possess a family with love
Nothing more, Nothing less but all I want is
To be with you in a place where I'm just all yours

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PS: This post was written for British Airways, "Go further to get closer!"contest by British Airways and Indiblogger.

Sunday 9 March 2014


Wrenched skin
Broken wings
of things that once engrossed my childhood

They lay every where
on the ceilings and on the floor
the innocence of my life
engraved in woods and stones
Here is the sofa once my grandpa used
He liked it so much, it's his cosy zone
Right after work, this is where he rests in peace

That broken Tele, how can I forget
the cheers and the smiles, this gadget
aired my first cartoon show
as I sat watching from my grandpa's lap

Yes! I could smell those dishes
arising from my grandma kitchen
all cooked for us three, to eat and chat.
Oh No! but what remains are
those broken wooden tops
How much she adored those place

Years have passed and things have changed
but still there was life
in this locked up home and
inside these wrecked things
" Ah! My Memories"

Soon, I made up my mind
Not to sell this country side house
For which I have traveled far from west
These memories are not to be destroyed
but to be renovated and preserved.