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Friday 29 October 2010

A Remembrace


Memories are left
To be engraved on the stone
A remembrance

They are noT
But your inscriptioN
Written among lot of burieD
Souls that have lived before on eartH.
I have come to see you in the graveyard witH
My grandma who bouqueted some flowers for yoU
And places on the top of your house that encloses youR
Remains of this world.She wants to reconnect this world of herS
To yours just to let you know that she still loves you and remembers yoU.

Written for the picture prompt in Magpie Tales

Thursday 28 October 2010

Fear in Poetry Forms

Fear in different Poetry Forms :

CINQUAIN (Know it)                    
Worst fear
Fear of negligence
Destroys content in life
Panic !
HAIKU -1 (Know it)

Neglected feelings!
To gain my confidence back
I go back to work


Fear strikes back at me
I am left confused throughout
Oh ,Sleep embrace me !

Wednesday 27 October 2010

Birth of Cinquain

I tried experimenting with a different poetry form called "CINQUAIN" for Three word wednesday's  this week's words  fragile, rampant and tremor

The cinquain has five lines.
Line 1 is one word (the title)
Line 2 is two words that describe the title.
Line 3 is three words that tell the action
Line 4 is four words that express the feeling
Line 5 is one word that recalls the title

Producing Life
Rampant Struggle Lasts
Tremors Leaves Me Fragile

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Seed Optimism

I have written these three Haiku's themed Optimism in  5-7-5 format

Optimism dawns
When the troubled mind networks
Good music and friends

To keep your balance
In the journey of your life
You have to Move on        -inspired by Albert Einstein

Dangerous journey
I was destined to grow here
With pride , I still grow

Saturday 23 October 2010

Sacred Candle Woman

I feel that Poems are written to express the feelings in a more beautiful way.Poems are itself a story,a moral and the feeling of the writer.Its a wonderful way of conveying message.Poems add beauty to love especially when we write poems for our mother's love.She herself is  a poem that cannot be viewed with normal eyes.Her dedication in bringing us in a most beautiful way as possible and mainly the sacrifices that she makes for her children's happiness all through her whole life.You can understand best the feelings of your mother if you are a mom or going to be one .Mother- a poem that lasts forever .

Sacred Feelings
Dancing lady sacrifices herself
Drops of hot tears of happiness
Melting her way down in the dark
Spreading light for her Children's Life
Only Mother's Love

The above poem is written in 160 characters incl. space in association with Sunday 160

Wednesday 20 October 2010


A Letter to my Dearest,

I know you for more than 40 years long .
I was astonished by the way you faced your struggles in life strong
I could recollect of how you tackled the facts with your courage
Moving about helplessly but still made plans to manage

No man is sacrificed of me on his journey
For all, was sent here to pay back for their destiny
Now you are  weak, I know that I made you so
I was playing my part in your life's book recto-verso

Slowly I started admiring you and I wished to stay with you forever
But since I am in love with you I wanted you to stay happy ever
So I have taken an important decision in my life.
And that is,I am moving out relieving you of your life's strife.

Although in life there is no fast forward or rewind
I was tempted to leave my reflections behind
Not to make you remember your struggles on your way
But for you to know that I once existed on your pathway

Sorrows in life

Monday 18 October 2010

Serenity !

Three Haiku's (5-7-5) for you wherein the serenity plays different roles of helping one's mind to calmness  in the first poem and alluring one's mind to calmness in the second poem  .In the last poem the serenity is Balanced.

Leads thy mind to thwart
Obsession needs a rescue
Serenity Aids!

So deep is your love
When I look into your eyes
Confessed serene look

The Seven Sins of
Wrath ,Greed,Sloth,Pride,Lust,Spite,Gorge
Destroys Serenity

Balance them with love
Your heart becomes a temple
Where serene lasts ever

Written in response to
Haiku Heights!
The Seven Sins Prompt by Jingle Poetry

Friday 15 October 2010

GROW BY Bits Per Pixel in Human Life

Colours defines moods and personality of living and non-living things .It has considerable impacts on humans .Colours are divided into two categories
1)Warm colours -red,yellow,oranges due to its universal association to sun and fire and
2)Cool colours -blue,greens and violets due to its universal association to water and nature 
Here is my poem that defines Colours in Human Psychology and is written in ACROSTIC form.

Colours that GROW BY Bits Per Pixel in Human Life

Green is present everywhere in Nature symbolizing youth ,fertility and health
Red  flames through fire , fiery and hot , displaying the physical strength
Orange, the combination of red and yellow brings in balance and love at ease
White is pure and innocent careful that no little stain shows off is always welcoming peace

Blue, the colour of the mind stimulating intelligence , is cold, trusting and calm
Yellow ,the optimist is full of joy and hope and within it -spirituality , it embalms

Black ,the absorber of all colours acts as a protective barrier with seriousness
Pink is soothing to the eyes with all its beauty and brightness 
Purple is exotic, reaching heights with dreams giving royal touch and wisdom in us

Note : Bits Per Pixel(BPP) :The number of bits of information stored per pixel of an image. The more bits are, the more colours can be represented.BPP is related to technology of a picture/image.

The Whispering Dewdrops : NaPoWriMo Day 18

Thursday 14 October 2010

Rainfall & Heart Haiku's

I am happy to announce you all that I joined two more poetry blogs that prompts poets to write more.The first  one is for Three Word Wednesday(3WW) : Hiss, Absolve, Ridicule.I finally tried to write a poem with those three given words.The last poem is written for One single Impression's prompt "LONELY".
Again, A Haiku Word(5-7-5), you can see that I got in love with the Haiku. It says that he never leaves me ;)

Down hissed the rainfall
Washing dirt's that ridiculed
The greens were absolved

Make thy door's open
For thou' who has lonely hearts
So I may come in

Ha! A final touch ...
A Haiku itself is a Beauty, a picture added to it is A final touch :)

Wednesday 13 October 2010

An opened window - A prisoner

Every wednesday, poeters are given picture prompt by Magpie Tales.We have to write a poem or short vignette using the picture featured in their post as our inspiration.The below picture prompted me to write Two Haiku's (5-7-5) of an opened window.

Haiku 1: Thoughts of a person caught in prison mentally

Through darkness I saw
A lost opportunity
An escape shines bright

Haiku 2: Thoughts of a person caught in prison physically

Darkness everywhere
My only way to escape
An opened window
Poem above written for Magpie Tales picture prompt.

Monday 11 October 2010

Acrostic - Relationships

A small dedication to my Mother and Father.I chose to write this poem in Double Acrostic so that my little poem will have both at the beginning and ending the same letter and meaning  giving the sense that we children of our parents comes in between the two pillars(parents) of their life.And we are protected within them safe and sound guarding us from all hurts. I am thankful to them for what I am today.

Mother a living embleM
Organises her kids to dO
Their works with minimum efforT
Having them learn what is wortH
Enlightening them with care and hopE
Rising the young hearts with unconditional love and cheeR

Filling his little one's mind full oF
Adventure, he is the perfect papA
Teaching them what is besT
Hunting with them in areas higH
Engaging them in the real life gamE
Recognizing their talent to make a successful carreeR

And a dedication to my beloved daughter on her Birthday 11/10 today 'Monday'

My Daughter's birthday
its  A celebration
for Us all
to Give and receive
happy Hugs of love
and Toys she loves
to Enjoy playing
a Rejoiceful day

Why leave my son,here for you my little one (05/11)

My Son smiling
thinking Of his coming
birthday Nearing very soon

Did you see the way I wrote the above two poems for my children.Guessed right.Yes,In between the Two pillars called Mother and Father :)..another form of Acrostic , middle or complex form of Acrostic

Sunday 10 October 2010

Unblemish My Heart -Haikus

Theme -Blemish
Three poems each 5-7-5  Haiku with the first two haiku's  related with one another

Your fighting away
Words that are not yet spoken
Blemishes my heart

Means a lot to me
A tender touch and a smile
Heals the blemished heart

I stare as she sways
Her beauty heals my Blemish

A Swan on water

-All above Haiku's for Haiku Heights

Wednesday 6 October 2010

My Friends, My Life, My Phone - A Phone and A Woman's Life

Alcatel One-Touch Net:  Tata DOCOMO One Touch Net Phone

  1. Alcatel One Touch Net is a full QWERTY keyboard device with Blackberry style
  2. It has a 2.4-inch screen,decent Resolution of of 240×320 pixels , EDGE connectivity, Blue tooth stereo, music player, FM radio with RDS, 2 MP camera and 80MB of internal memory.
  3. Boasts of one touch services to all Yahoo!services such as Yahoo! Mobile ,Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Search, Yahoo! Homepage, Yahoo! Social Pulse, Yahoo! Address Book and Calendar, and Flickr.
  4. Also has also has an Optical Track pad means that it works like a mouse on a mobile device
  5. Has One touch dive in services such as Tata DOCOMO,Music,Games,Animation,M-Greetings,Videos,Images,Portfolio Manager,SMS
  6. The Battery is Standard battery - Li-Ion 850 mAh
  7. Has Social networking integration via Social Pulse
  8. One click access to Tata DOCOMO Facebook, Orkut and Twitter communities
And Cons
  1.  Its not a 3G mobile phone and thus doesn't have a GPS and a Wifi connectivity

Reveals a Life living with Phones
Note:The characters in this story is imaginative and doesn't resemble any individual persons or company.Any resemblance is purely coincidental.

A short story in which I have highlighted some Positive and Negative effects of the phone that can CREATE or DESTROY A Woman's life

Sharing the LIFE OF NITHIYA :

Negative effect on her life

Nithiya was in her sweet sixteen going to school. Hanging around her neck was her ID card.ID meant for what?Yes,meant for her profile details along with her phone number which will give her an identification in School.She used to travel in city bus for her school as no school bus was available in her location.It was just two days before it started.She was getting anonymous calls in her phone at home asking for her name.She didn't respond at first but within a few days she started to react to that type of anonymous calls which led her life in a different path.As young as her age is, she became the victim in the lists of  women's harassment.

Her father was having a little shop near the house and wanted his only daughter to become a doctor.He got calls for personal loans,credit cards from many banks.He got interested in personal loans for the upcoming college days for his daughter and enrolled in himself in a few banks for loans which he ultimately failed to meet and ended being in Debt.

Nithiya finally landed in a call center company job  to pay off the debts of her family and her life.She got calls after calls and also was put  in an untime shifts.But she continued the job since the money was eye catching.Days went by,she got her life into an unbalanced life cycle, suppressing her feelings which ultimately led to depression.

Positive effect on her life

Nithiya was in her sweet sixteen going to school. Hanging around her neck was her ID card.She ignored the anonymous calls as prank calls and normally she went on to continue her education.She entered a medical college that was her father's dream.She got a beautiful mobile phone and made a list of her faithful friends to keep in contact with.Her exposure grew well with SMS's,Mail's and Internet.In her final year,she contacted colleges providing scholarship for her higher studies through Internet in her phone and landed in a decent course.

Her father having a little shop also ignored the calls for personal loans and credit cards unless he was personally recommended by his knowledged friends.He went for mutual funds and made a good start for her daughter's future life.Nithiya taught her father on how a single phone call would book an appointment to the hospital and get orders for his shop without going far to those places.Her father even used it for free home delivery for foods and other products.

Nithiya climbed up the ladder and finally went to US and settled there with a perfect job.Her phone was much better with all that is necessary in today's life and she kept in touch with her father and her friends.She chatted with them long through audio calls ,mails ,and social networking sites.She was happy with her Phone.

Moral :
Technology should be used to the better living of Life.
Phone/Cell Phone or any other kind of Technology can be USED or MISUSED depending upon the type of person you are.

 A small poem dedicated to my site

Tata has launched its mobile phone with
Alcatel as its partner ,it commits
The way we contact the world has changed

Decent resolution of 240x320 pixles
One click access to all Yahoo services
Camera,FM radio,Bluetooth and Edge connectivity
Optical track pad adds as an another facility
Making it a wonderful device that
One should have in their waistcoat

This post is written in response for IndiBlogger's "Share A Life Contest" .

Tuesday 5 October 2010

A little bit of Complaining

Lets peep into a little bit of Haiku.Its one form of poetry that combines form ,content and language in a meaningful, yet compact form.Nature, Feelings and experiences are expressed mostly in Haiku poems.The common form of Haiku is just 3 lines.The first one will be written with 5 syllables,second one is written with 7 syllables and the last line with again 5 syllables.Overall being only 17 syllables.(A syllable is an elementary sound, or a combination of elementary sounds, uttered together like now -1 syllable,today-2 syllables).The Haiku must paint a mental image on the mind of the reader who reads the Haiku.

Haiku(5-7-5) Theme Complaining
I have written three Haiku's separately below  but they relate to one another.

All is not well when
An Expectation Shatters
Started To Complain

Feelings unexpressed
Creating mental tension
Started To Complain

Before You Complain
Understand consequences
Let your feelings out

The above Haiku for Poets United Thursday Think Tank Prompt

Monday 4 October 2010

My Life with the Four Elements

Yes, the poetry luck has been opened today with the theme 'The Four elements of Nature'.While thinking about it, I got a doubt whether it is four elements in nature or five elements in nature including the sky(aagayam in Tamil).Well,I am going in for the four elements as that is what My poetry potluck requires me to write.You might have noticed that most of my poems relates itself with something real in life like human beings and their feelings.I am doing the same here.Yes,I am comparing the four elements with a WOMAN.She is always surrounded by them in different ways in her life.One of the way has been published as a poem for you.Have a Nice day!

I met the handsome
Playing around ,swaying my heart as he goes
Always cool and tender his touch
His reasons I  have become
Life in love is adventuresome

Passionate love
Mixed with emotions
Expressed hot under the flames
There is nothing else to prove
Our love is been approved

Draining your love in me, I relish
Making me swamped with emotions
The time has come to reveal a secret wish
Its a gift from you I always cherish
My ground has been nourished

The fruit of Life has born soon
Spreading its root  in the  rigid  ground
Holding to me in the rough and tough of our life
Accomplishing dreams with my little companion
To the path of stabilization

Sunday 3 October 2010

I Rejoice Giving Awards

Poem written for Haiku Heights theme "REJOICE"

For my little Daughter Birthday (11-10-2006)

Sweets,cakes and gifts
Friends and loved ones all Rejoice
My daughter Birthday

For everyone reading this Haiku and Haiku Heights 

Chirstmas is now near
Ready to gift all loved ones
Its Time to Rejoice

I am happy to announce you all that I passing and sharing my First Award "Sweet princess Award " to three of my friends that I felt should get .

1)Krislen Neo
3)Priyanka Bowmick

Get your awards friends!

Rejoice Haiku (5-7-5)
An appreciation
I rejoice to give award
Which they deserve

With 160 Characters , Two Poems and An Award

I was wondering what to write for Sunday 160.As usual ,it was raining outside and the weather was a nice time to write poems for a poeter like me.I got two ideas-rain and tears,dark and cold.I came up with two poems each one counting up to 160 characters including spaces.Yes,the weather was right to pin down more poems.I posted them.I merged in two photos together as one so that you may get an idea of my two poems.With the picture and the poem, from left to right,from the tree to the boy ..both talk their feelings out...

In Autumn
gulping in the dark night
waiting for a better tomorrow
for my answer
I pray
God never let me down
closed my eyes
drops of tears
fall upon the wet ground
as withered leaves

Stood staring out of the window
Standing alone in the cold
Gulping in the dark night
Waiting for a better tomorrow
I prayed
God never let me down
closed my eyes
drops of tears
fall upon the floor
writing Believe!