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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Rainfall & Heart Haiku's

I am happy to announce you all that I joined two more poetry blogs that prompts poets to write more.The first  one is for Three Word Wednesday(3WW) : Hiss, Absolve, Ridicule.I finally tried to write a poem with those three given words.The last poem is written for One single Impression's prompt "LONELY".
Again, A Haiku Word(5-7-5), you can see that I got in love with the Haiku. It says that he never leaves me ;)

Down hissed the rainfall
Washing dirt's that ridiculed
The greens were absolved

Make thy door's open
For thou' who has lonely hearts
So I may come in

Ha! A final touch ...
A Haiku itself is a Beauty, a picture added to it is A final touch :)


  1. A lovely pair of haiku! Very vivid images.

  2. I am another one who loves poems.
    We have therefore much in common.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  3. lovely haiku's...i am always so jealous of people who can write haiku's such beautifully and with such ease...simply great :) thought both are great i would say i am a little partial towards the second one...

  4. @all Thanks for your comments!
    @sathish know abt haiku do read my 'A little bit of complaining' poem

  5. Both of them are wonderful and you did a great job following the prompt with precision...Nice one!

    TGIF, have a great weekend,

  6. Very well done.. loved them both.. like twins.. can't be partial..

  7. Both the pictures looks amazing.

  8. love your taste of images and words...
    breath taking Haikus!

  9. both are fabulous!


  10. both have a nice, soothing quality

  11. Loved both the haikus...
    The first one though is superb... :)


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