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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Unblemish My Heart -Haikus

Theme -Blemish
Three poems each 5-7-5  Haiku with the first two haiku's  related with one another

Your fighting away
Words that are not yet spoken
Blemishes my heart

Means a lot to me
A tender touch and a smile
Heals the blemished heart

I stare as she sways
Her beauty heals my Blemish

A Swan on water

-All above Haiku's for Haiku Heights


  1. I like especially the second - A tender touch and a smile can go a long way toward healing

  2. Three lovely haikus! I like the third one especially: the sight of natural beauty can remind us of the goodness and wholeness of life.

  3. love these.
    the image is breath taking.


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