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Tuesday 5 October 2010

A little bit of Complaining

Lets peep into a little bit of Haiku.Its one form of poetry that combines form ,content and language in a meaningful, yet compact form.Nature, Feelings and experiences are expressed mostly in Haiku poems.The common form of Haiku is just 3 lines.The first one will be written with 5 syllables,second one is written with 7 syllables and the last line with again 5 syllables.Overall being only 17 syllables.(A syllable is an elementary sound, or a combination of elementary sounds, uttered together like now -1 syllable,today-2 syllables).The Haiku must paint a mental image on the mind of the reader who reads the Haiku.

Haiku(5-7-5) Theme Complaining
I have written three Haiku's separately below  but they relate to one another.

All is not well when
An Expectation Shatters
Started To Complain

Feelings unexpressed
Creating mental tension
Started To Complain

Before You Complain
Understand consequences
Let your feelings out

The above Haiku for Poets United Thursday Think Tank Prompt


  1. Very nice haiku's. I liked all of them... thanks for sharing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  2. Hello Uma.. yes, you have rightly told about haiku and written them so well.. Somehow.. I feel Haiku shoul show.. mind's eye should see then why should there be photo to make the mind make a biased choice..

  3. @Ramesh..I agree but the picture was a prompt given by Poets United to write a Poem.And I chose to write few Haikus :)

  4. Thanks for Ramesh for realing nailing the complaining theme.

    I dig haiku - thanks Uma

  5. I was a great fan of Haiku when I was in the corporate world..eventually it reached a point of saturation for me.

    You write really well. I am following you now.

  6. true words,
    lovely complaint poem.
    u know better,
    very aptly stated struggles and the consequence along with it.

  7. a cool way of complaining :)

  8. Wandering through the thick bushes of my mind searching...I explore here a place to Dwell On

    I like this line very much. I dont know what;s haiku, but this poem sounds interesting.

  9. Very well said.. few short words- expressed a bigger aspect.. :D
    Happy Rally


    take the awards after you are done,

    for Poets Rally, 3 poems can be submitted....

    also, vote your favorite poets after you finish your initial 18 commenting....

    Thanks a lot!
    have fun!

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    This is blog hop event too so yeah, reaching out and supporting each other in the world of writing.. :)

  12. It highlights the importance of communication!

  13. Look before you leap and think before you complain.

  14. @all Thanks for your valuable comments!

  15. I think I never understand before complaining... thou I will try! Thank you!!