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Friday 15 October 2010

GROW BY Bits Per Pixel in Human Life

Colours defines moods and personality of living and non-living things .It has considerable impacts on humans .Colours are divided into two categories
1)Warm colours -red,yellow,oranges due to its universal association to sun and fire and
2)Cool colours -blue,greens and violets due to its universal association to water and nature 
Here is my poem that defines Colours in Human Psychology and is written in ACROSTIC form.

Colours that GROW BY Bits Per Pixel in Human Life

Green is present everywhere in Nature symbolizing youth ,fertility and health
Red  flames through fire , fiery and hot , displaying the physical strength
Orange, the combination of red and yellow brings in balance and love at ease
White is pure and innocent careful that no little stain shows off is always welcoming peace

Blue, the colour of the mind stimulating intelligence , is cold, trusting and calm
Yellow ,the optimist is full of joy and hope and within it -spirituality , it embalms

Black ,the absorber of all colours acts as a protective barrier with seriousness
Pink is soothing to the eyes with all its beauty and brightness 
Purple is exotic, reaching heights with dreams giving royal touch and wisdom in us

Note : Bits Per Pixel(BPP) :The number of bits of information stored per pixel of an image. The more bits are, the more colours can be represented.BPP is related to technology of a picture/image.

The Whispering Dewdrops : NaPoWriMo Day 18


  1. Uma - insights into colour - nice!

  2. A very interesting explanation of the colours. I like it. :-)

  3. admirable creativity,

    you make 9 colors in your post,
    beautiful version,
    have a prideful evening!

  4. this is quite brilliant, umapoems!

  5. :)
    Nice..Colors do have a deeper meaning!

  6. @all Thanks once again.Visit me and comment and I will keep writing better and better :)

  7. brilliant style and beautiful explanation of colurs.


  8. You have done well to describe each color this way!

  9. I like the way you did this; Brilliant~

  10. Uma,
    I have enjoyed reading your poem. A very different style with a wonderful explanation of colours!

    Best wishes, Eileen

  11. Colors truly affect our spirit. I know I am affected by the paint colors used on walls of rooms or how daylight or darkness can change my mood because of how it changes the shade of everything else.

  12. How interesting and I enjoyed this.

  13. Very nice.. thanks for the post!

  14. New knowledge is always welcomed.

  15. very smart one.

  16. isn't it great how each color has her own character..? nicely penned..

  17. nice...i enjoyed your insights and expansions on each is my eyes, brown is my color, and yellow my fav.

  18. I like the idea of black as protective.

  19. reading you makes me feel inspired.

    like every human being, your take is unique, deep, and mindful.


  20. This is so clever, Uma...a rainbow of understanding.