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Friday 8 December 2023

Merry Christmas Poem 2023

Christmas is a special time we all look forward to every year. It is a season filled with joy, warmth, and traditions that bring us together. From twinkling lights to delicious treats, Christmas has a magical vibe that makes everything feel extra special. Families gather, friends celebrate, and everyone shares kindness and love. Whether it's snowing or raining outside, Christmas is celebrated by all no matter how old  we are.  Here, is a simple  poem to  enjoy this festive season.

Christmas tree using recycled materials
Christmas tree using recycled materials

Snowflakes fall with silent grace, 
In the family's warm and tight embrace. 
Christmas magic fills the space, 
Warmth and love felt in every trace. 

Twinkling lights on every street, 
Whispers of joy, pure and free. 
Carols sung in harmony and glee, 
Snowflakes twirl underneath the family tree. 

Stockings hung with each member's name, 
Each one different, but love's the same. 
Gifts wrapped up in festive cheer, 
Smiles that say the ones held dear. 

Houses and fir trees adorned with colourful lights, 
Wishing all a Merry Christmas, with love so bright!

Tuesday 10 March 2015

The Bold Step I took to Start A New Life

Life is a roller coaster ride and change is inevitable. As a young child, I was an introvert and loved spending time with my pet kitten which I treasured the most. Except for my family members, I won’t talk much to other people and was always on the listening side. If some of my friends are argumentative to an extent that is unbearable, it so happened that I avoided them completely. Yes, I detest people who were bickering for silly things, whatever the reasons are. But I love being around people who appreciate even the simple things, be it a pupa on the Oleander tree, flying kites in the sky and all things except washing their dirty linen in public. The friends I made were few and were on the same wavelength as mine and they often happened to be the ones who talk less. And maybe because of this reason, I lacked in communication skill as I grew up.

So it was not a surprise that I started to develop a liking towards people who can express themselves through speech since I lacked that skill. And maybe because of this reason, I started writing a lot and had a concrete notion that I can express myself better with little sketches, quotes and words. It all began with a paper, to a greeting card, then to a notebook and now through blogging.

Although I have written many snippets of fictions and poetry, I did not have the courage to show people outside because I was too shy. Moreover, I was afraid of what people might say about what I have written. Will they make fun of me? Will they think I am showing it off? Or will they see me differently? That was a time I hesitated and shied away, but not anymore. I started to experiment with my writing and even with people who read them. It was like I am speaking with those people through words and it so happened that the more I spoke, the more I felt confident that I can communicate freely with like-minded people. Nothing has stopped me. The feedback I get from strangers also transformed me on how and what I write. Moreover, it gave me confidence to initiate talking to a stranger.

Blogging or say communicating publicly through writing is one of the bold steps I took in my life. It all happened through the change of place (country) where I was left to live in a foreign land away from home and wherein I was surrounded by all the materials like unlimited internet, flexible time and loneliness to paint my own world where I started to communicate a lot, the thing I felt burdened once and that I miss very much now. The silence once I loved more killed me now. I began to start afresh responding to even little sounds around me. It was like finding my soul mate within me.

roller coaster
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Life, a roller coaster ride, might be fun or nauseating 
It all depends upon on how much one can take it.

Life is a roller coaster ride. What I felt was intruding once, I feel that no more. What I felt lacking once, I have enough. It all started with a “drive” to help myself feel better in between the four walls of a confined home. And the words, however silly it might sound is now available for everyone to read. I care less of what you might say behind me, but I feel better that I have no more strangled thoughts inside my mind but let them out freely to conquer my world. It will reach to those people it has to or just dance by some unseen world. And that change was inevitable, but I felt better.