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Wednesday 29 October 2014

Haiku - Insects

blood thirsty creatures
predators, lurked beneath leaves
hold on! crippled feet

Credits - Tropicalbats
Haiku written for Three Words Wednesday (Blood, Cripple,Lurk)

Note : Common, but medically inadvisable, techniques to remove a leech are to apply a flame, a lit cigarette, salt, soap, or a chemical such as alcohol, vinegar, lemon juice, insect repellent, heat rub, or certain carbonated drinks.

Monday 20 October 2014

Daily Chores and the Two Sides of my Face

The daily chores and the two sides of my face takes you to a poetic journey which takes you into a woman's daily chores to my worn out look and finally, how I manage to look good without make-up.

Read, Enjoy and give it a Thought !

Get up and run, there's no time to ruin
From washing to cooking, get all jobs done
Put onions, pumpkins and carrots to boil
Sip the soup and clean the mess, from dirts to oil
Now it's time for school, so get ready for a bath
Rushing through the time, I follow my usual path
Back home again, but gets chasing the kids to eat
Trust me! Putting the home back to shape is not a treat
The night time has arrived, yet I had things to do
Teaching lessons that seems to increase as the kids grew 
Although the day's work is over, I had mine to complete
For to blog, it is only on the night time I sit

The next and the next, days arrived and went by
One day, I stood to see my refection as I passed by
Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me how do I look 
She refrained, and reflected that I look more of a cook
All work and no rest, took its toll on my face
Dark circles and worn out look reduced my grace
I stand there looking at the so called image of "me"
Yes, I'm not 20 and I need more shine on my face, I agree
But, spending time on make up and other things
No, not for me as with short time look it brings
I complained and told that I looked for something better
That which does all-in-1 job and that which lasts longer
I stood near the mirror, munching on my thought
Sighing now and then on my pale skin and black spots
Snap! in a second the image from the mirror came alive
Rested something on my hand and said this is what I need to thrive
Slowly opening my hands, I saw a name Miracle Skin Perfector 
I looked to see the image getting back into the mirror and dissappear

I opened the tube and squeezed out a little of Garnier BB cream
Applying in circles on my face, feeling the smooth gleam
Ah! it is time again and I start to run around the home in and out
With the repetitive house hold chores, not one or two but a lot
Time again, I went past by the mirror and stopped to call
Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me how do I look once for all
She popped out her eyes and grinned at me with a list
Telling that she couldn't believe I had in me so much beauty that exists
She touched my skin saying that it looks noticeably smoother 
With good sun protection, the tone on my skin looked brighter
Furthur she added, that my facial contours appear more defined
With reduced lines and long lasting effect, I found all in one of the kind
It was her time to go, but now she disappeared not into the mirror but into me
Saying that it was now a younger and healthier woman, is what she sees
To what I had been once, to what reflection now I had seen
I assure that Garnier BB cream fits perfectly into my daily routine


Prompt - Written for “How does the Garnier BB Cream fit into your daily routine to give you perfect looking skin without the lengthy hassles of make up?" by Indiblogger and Garnier.

Thursday 16 October 2014

Haiku - Mirrors

Sand-witched, I admire 
through timelessness mirrors bring 
Reflection Matrix

Maier Vivian Self Portrait
Maier Vivian Self Portrait
- Haiku for Magpie Tales