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Sunday 27 February 2011

Exploring Poetry - Tanka

Happy to welcome you all to week 8 of " Exploring Poetry  ".Take it as a challenge and try writing one and link it over below.

Todays Prompt :TANKA
  1. It is a Japanese poem of five lines.
  2. The first and the third lines composes of five syllables and the other lines has seven syllable.(Syllable is the count of how we pronounce a word.For example, poem is po -em counting to 2 syllable and wonderful is won-der-ful counting to 3 syllable)
  3. Tanka is in the form of 1-2-3-4-5 lines with 5-7-5-7-7 syllable. 
Cartoon ,Sci-fi and Super Powers

the characters speaks volumes
of the funny side
played by the human in real
depicting a serious note

Ubiquitous sci-fi
physical work of human
diminish further
humans imaginations
gains life with perspiration

The sixth sense of mind
super power predictor
unravels mystery
of the future it beholds
value to win mind over fate

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Saturday 26 February 2011

Friday 25 February 2011

Fly Free - Haiku

Womens choice of Life
Wings to fly freely like bird 
Consummate freedom

Thursday 24 February 2011

Weather in the Haiku's

Keep my body cool
A glass of  cold lemon juice 
Summer day drizzle

Frozen winter day
Hot bowl of  tomato soup 
Body warms inside

The Spring has come
To keep the love going on
A bouquet gifted

Keeps our love stay long
A wet kiss showered in rain
Bless from Sky above

Monday 21 February 2011

Try solve the Puzzle

Born through destiny
Life puzzles on the earth solved
Saints attain "Moksha"


Puzzling pieces scattered everywhere
Words communicated and words unsaid
Lovers trying to resolve the equation
whether Newtons law of attraction is present
Couples try to interpret the consequence
Newton Third law equal and opposite reaction's truth

Puzzling pieces scattered everywhere
To fit them perfectly
Lot of patience is needed
The wait is not short
Human brain thinks of the outcome
Of the image that appears next minute
It tries to solve the pieces
Just to get that ting of

Puzzling pieces scattered everywhere
The surrounding are puzzling
with new invaders attacking
the health of man and earth
People are more puzzling
The man he seemed yesterday
is not the same man tomorrow
Yet we have to move on
to fit the puzzling pieces
The wait is not short and
The wait is not the end

-for Magpie Picture prompt

Sunday 20 February 2011

Exploring Poetry - Limerick

Welcoming you all to week 7 of " Exploring Poetry ".Every week a new prompt is published here on " Monday " and stays open until further notice .Poems on any themes selected by the respective owner should be written based only on the chosen Poetry Form.You can write and link them up or share if you already one .Good Day!

This Week's Prompt :LIMERICKS

A limerick is a funny poem with five lines.They are like Clerihew, funny poem but the rhyme pattern and rules are different from that of Clerihew. Limericks were made famous by Edward Lear, a famous author who wrote the "Book of Nonsense" in the 1800's.  This was an entire book of silly limericks.

How to write a Limerick ?

1.It is a five-line poem written with one couplet and one triplet. If a couplet is a two-line rhymed poem, then a triplet would be a three-line rhymed poem.
2.The rhyme pattern is A-A-B-B-A with lines 1, 2 and 5 containing 3 beats and rhyming, and lines 3 and 4 having two beats and rhyming.
3.Lines A-A are generally longer(six to ten syllables) than lines B-B(four to seven syllables).
4.Lines A generally have three strong beats (syllable) while the  lines B have only two beats (syllable)

4.Limericks are meant to be funny.
5.They often contain hyperbole, onomatopoeia, idioms, puns, and other figurative devices.
6.The last line of a good limerick contains the PUNCH LINE or "heart of the joke."
7.If you out your Limericks out loud and clap to the rhythm,it turns out to be Fun

Limerick -1
Doctor foster , perfect man went out to dine
He ate and ate all the foods that was fine
Due overeating he became
A man who was not the same
Running to and fro gasping for a toilet sign 

Limerick -2
That actress name is Ness Winslet
Who went on a voting spree in Internet
Form London to Moscow
For her forthcoming film Gaslow
She chirped and tweeted her laptop on bed 

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Friday 18 February 2011

My Publication !

I am ready to publish by book
A book of poems for you to look
When prompted for my book's name
I choose "Inside My Poem Book" for the same
Why this name , few friends of me asked
It seems so lame ,they chuckled
But to clarify my point  without any clog
This name was primarily chosen for my blog
Which was started from scratch
For the keywords entered in google search
And for the simplicity of the words telling
What they can ultimately find on my writing
Its all about poetry in my poem book
Which has the special  power to make you hook

Dear friends and readers,
I have not yet published my book.It's still in draft.I need you to participate in my poll to know what you are thinking about my Book Name.
Any suggestions are invited!


My Book's Publication Name: INSIDE MY POEM BOOK
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Thursday 17 February 2011

Inspired Words ! (Lilies of the Field)

Lilies of the Field

The Video starts with A English lesson

He :" I build the chapel "
They : "I build the chapel "
He :"You build the chapel "
They :" You build the chapel "
He :" We build the chapel "
They :" We build the chapel "
Mother Superior :" HE BUILDS the chapel "
It was a little fun to see her reaction when she said the above words.But the way she pronounced it  and by her reaction , she soulfully meant .
All is the work of the Lord,Our God!

Watch the clip! I  did and I loved the song .This clip is the prompt given by Poets united to write what rolls on my mind when watching it.My thoughts rolled on to produce :

Inspired Words !
Life has become IMPOSSIBLE
With my destiny stronger than my hope
Doses of self-motivations refrain
I am done!

But with ,
Magic of Some one's love
Miracle of Positive Thinking

God is NOW - HERE
I am done!
Doses of self-motivations rain
With my hope stronger than my destiny
Life has become I -M-POSSIBLE

Wednesday 16 February 2011


Haiku - (Totaling 17 syllables )

Mono Lisa
Secret smile unraveled
DaVinci's Self-Portrait

Monday 14 February 2011

Genie in the Salt Cellar

Anyone out there ? Help me ! he cried
Whining out a little at the corner of the room
A little boy heard the cry and went to rescue
Stunned at its face,he became as white as a sheet
Frightened he was ready to run away 
but stood there still when again he heard its moan 
'Dont run! Help me',the face spoke to him
'Release me out  a bit for I am full',it said

'How could I help you ?',the little boy asked it
It replied,'Shake me out when the dinner is ready
So I may get some space for me  inside'
The boy did so as he was told to do
took the cellar for dinner and sprinkled it on his food
Tasting, he said 'The food is much tastier now'
'Yes,when in limited in use its good for us both',
said the face in the cellar with a smile

'Who and what are you ',the boy questioned it
The face said,'I am the Genie in the salt cellar
Shake me!I will sprinkle out a wish for you' 
He did so,and the genie granted him  a wish
A wish of good health with limited salt and true love
Before leaving,the boy asked where to find him again?
The genie said,'I am there everywhere in the whispering air,
but you can find me a whole lot here in my salt cellar'
'That's nice ', said the boy and before going
he asked the genie did he need any other help
The genie replied,
Yes!Just never forget me when I am full

Sunday 13 February 2011

Exploring Poetry - CLERIHEW ( Edmund Clerihew Bentley)

Welcoming you all to week 6 of " Exploring Poetry ".Every week a new prompt is published here on " Monday " and stays open until further notice .Poems on any themes selected by the respective owner should be written based only on the chosen Poetry Form.You can write and link them up or share if you already one .Good Day!

This Week's Prompt :CLERIHEW

Clerihew are four line whimsical poem that is written about specific people.The form was invented by Edmund Clerihew Bentley.It was at the age of sixteen, while he was at St. Paul's School in London, that Bentley first started writing clerihew as a diversion from school work.Bentley's first collection of verse was published in 1905 as Biography For Beginners. Further collections appeared in 1929 and in 1939. It was soon after the publication of the first volume that the name 'clerihew' was applied to this particular form of light verse.Bentley is also credited for his  introduction of the modern detective novel following his publication of Trent's Last Case [1913] which is claimed to be an inspiration for many writers of that genre.

One of his example is :

Sir Humphrey Davy
Abominated gravy.
He lived in the odium
Of having discovered sodium.

How to write a Clerihews :
Clerifew is a amazing funny poems just having a few simple rules:
  • It has four lines of irregular length.
  • It has the rhyming pattern of abab,the first and second lines rhyme with each other, and the third and fourth lines rhyme with each other.
  • The first line names a person, and the second line ends with something that rhymes with the name of the person.
  • The third and fourth lines are usually longer than the first two
  • A clerihew should be funny in nature
Clerihew :

Took a flight to London,Mr.Kannan 
to see his one month old grandson
As soon as he landed he went to embrace
his grandson who peed at his face

by Christine E.Striemer
More Clerihew

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Friday 11 February 2011

Poetry & Friends Haiku

Haiku 1:
Poetry Pattern
Shadow casted by one's Mind
Power to Create

Haiku 2:
Betrayals escape
Faithful friend stands in front
Hindrance explodes Truth

Haiku 3:
Tuned to the Music
Poetry and Friends conjoined
Secret of thy Smile

Thursday 10 February 2011

The Shadow

My Shadow is following me behind
With every move left or right she slowly peeks
Sometimes she tickles my mind to find
How she loves to play hide and seek

I see her in every pieces of art
Playing around the object's form
I try to touch her swaying part
Unbelievable Shadowgraphy I perform

Under the hot weather ,I rely on her touch
Where she comes to my defense
As each day under the morning sun
This lady shadows my presence

Wednesday 9 February 2011

The Avatar

The Avatar :
It is an embodiment  to give a concrete or visible form to someone or something. I tried my hand in combination of Loop poetry and Haiku's. I chose the theme "Avatar" ( "Avadaram" in Tamil ) .

Freedom of the Physical Self
An Avatar is born

An Avatar is born
With bad memories washed away
He Chose to do good

He Chose to do good
For what he is born today
Called this change "Avatar"

Monday 7 February 2011

Shape of a Heart and Love poem for Valentine - My 100 th post

To all those near /dear ones:

To that someone special :  
Someone special to sweep your feet off the floor
Making you fall in love outdoor as well as  indoor
Pushing you down with love bruises
Just to wet your skin with soft kisses

Making your head lift high to a day dreamer
With  hot blood rushing here and there higher
Pulling you up to hug tight in his arms
Singing you lullaby till you sleep calm

I tried my hand at BALLAD with a touch of sadness but in love.

He drives me down with love bruises
Sweeps my feet off the floor
To wet my skin with soft kisses
Both outdoor and indoor

Hot blood rushing in sends alarm
Making me cry with joy
Pulls me to hug tight in his arms
I day dream, Oh! My boy

My husband will come back to home
Away from the sound of war
Every six months I dream like this
The wait has been that far

He did come,but with broken arms
That has been lost in war
But now ,he is always with me
He is still my life's star

With work benefits paying our life
Missed days , compensated
Making love with my valentine
Life for us is gifted

Touched 100 th post and still going on......

Saturday 5 February 2011

Exploring Poetry -Senryu

Welcoming you all to week 4 of " Exploring Poetry ".Every week a new prompt is published here on " Monday " and stays open until further notice .Poems on any themes selected by the respective owner should be written based only on the chosen Poetry Form.You can write and link them up or share if you already one .Good Day!

Today's Prompt : Senryu 
  1. A senryu is a three line short Japanese poem that is similar to a haiku in structure
  2. It treats human beings rather than nature but often in a humorous or satiric way
  3. It is called as an Human  Haiku since it include only references to some aspect of human nature either physical or psychological
  4. They possess no references to the natural world and thus have no season words
  5. The format being line 1 - 5 syllables , line 2 - 7 syllables and  line 3 - 5 syllables
Senryu 1:
Never had any to save
To make his love a cynosure
He brought her a car

Senryu 2:
My wife experiments
Cynosure of my taste bud
Dishes tastes funny

Senryu 3:
Mary, Susan and Therra
Talked and went out to shop
Shop closed, their mouth dont 

Senryu 4:
Focus at one point
Fingers rounded together
Spy-hole camera

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Thursday 3 February 2011


Clerihew are funny poems that we write about specific people.For  more info on Clerihew ,Click Here

There goes in full form Mr.Parker
Leading his dog who is a great barker
Off they go to the chicken hotel where he over-ate
Just to be brought  home by his dog in loaded state

From cartoonstock
My neighbor name is Mr.Covet
Had yesterday wrote his bequeath
The riches to his sons and a letter to his wife
" Why dont you join me in my afterlife?"
Submitted to:
Lots of Laughter and Poets United

Wednesday 2 February 2011

My Mother - haiku


Not yet I can write
A poem for my mother
Words flow like the rain

Gave birth to a child
I found my Mother to nurse
My wound and my child

My mind still searches 
the right word to describe her
words not sufficient

Candle is her life
She sacrifice her whole self
To brings light in ours

When I cry in pain
The tears gather in her eye
Unconditional Love

Protects me all day
Angel disguised as mother
A treasured secret

Grown up like a tree
I still search for her lap
To sleep in safety

Share all your secrets
Mothers are more than we think
True Confident

No diamonds or gold
Match my mother's precious love
Still ornaments me

By raja

The Temple

Grows the binding strength of pooja and slogan for years
On the temple build with  bricks and stones
With those abrasions carved into beautiful sculptures

With a handful of flowers ready to shower
The lord welcomes us in the bright sacred flame
Grows the binding strength of pooja and slogan for years

The beauty of arts is seen everywhere
The dancing goddess on the pillars makes us stare
With those abrasions carved into beautiful sculptures

The loss of weight in heart, bygone the fears
We surrender our prayers and the whole self  to him
Grows the binding strength of pooja and slogan for years

The temple is the only place we bury our tears
To the good spirits and wandering saints that lives there
With those abrasions carved into beautiful sculptures

Our Temple of heart is build by meditating clear
Picking each positive stones we get and smear
With those abrasions carved into beautiful sculptures
Grows the binding strength of pooja and slogan for years

Tuesday 1 February 2011

My Bucket List

A Bucket List  is a list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill and life-experiences you desire to experience before you die.I have been inspired to write  my own bucket lists poem .

My little bucket list :

Cozy stay at Martinez Hotel in Cannes
...      Publishing all my works to fame..........
....       Family trip to seven wonders.............
....  ...A smooth ride on a Glider...........
Hot Balloon ride bliss
Build my own home
Disney land Paris