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Thursday, 3 February 2011


Clerihew are funny poems that we write about specific people.For  more info on Clerihew ,Click Here

There goes in full form Mr.Parker
Leading his dog who is a great barker
Off they go to the chicken hotel where he over-ate
Just to be brought  home by his dog in loaded state

From cartoonstock
My neighbor name is Mr.Covet
Had yesterday wrote his bequeath
The riches to his sons and a letter to his wife
" Why dont you join me in my afterlife?"
Submitted to:
Lots of Laughter and Poets United


  1. Clever. So funny! Love the dog "who is a great barker". And the riches to the sons and the invite to his wife...funny - unless you happen to be the wife, hee hee:)

  2. I am not familiar with this form.
    This is cute.

  3. I laughed aloud with this one. So funny that most went the humorous route. For this I am glad. Thank you for sharing.

  4. LOL!! that was fun and it is clever if you can make one laugh :) here you did it!!

  5. ha..ha..Beautiful..Enjoyed very much.
    The explanation above is very helpful.

  6. Hello!

    I have come over here via Gaurang's blog and wow... those are cute li'l verses with a touch of humor in every lines... keep up the good work my friend... i enjoyed the read and definitely following..^^

    Good day!!!:)


  7. Clerihews are so cute! I've seen them before but had forgotten. :)

  8. Nice to visit your blog and to find some smiling and happiness in your words!!!

    Very nice.

    Eileen :)

  9. teehee... super cute!! The form and your poem! :)

    I simply couldn't resist the temptation :)
    Here sat sweet and pretty Polly
    With her chubby li'l pink dolly
    She pinched it hard, it cried in pain
    And she wished it were her sister Jane

  10. @all Thanks for your comments!
    lol...hope her sister did not read her mind.Nice one.Thanks for playing!

  11. perfect forum.
    thanks for sharing.


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