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Sunday 19 June 2011

Ensconced Food that unravels through a Poem

Food ,Drinks and Indulgences is a basic needs and a topic that everyone in the house discusses. A poem out of it is worth a try .The concept of food is extended with two thoughts,the former being the food for growth and the latter being food that is ensconced everywhere.I choose the latter to write a poem about it .I decided to create my own image for easier understanding of my poem .Lets roll the cursor down for more.



Food being indulged to every whim satisfying human body
Stimulating the taste buds with it's quality and quantity.

The deep silence that is achieved in meditation
Helps in nourishing the spirit that lives in affliction

A food that makes the lives on the earth functions
Making love that nurtures the future generations

Inculcating good knowledge fulfilling the thirst of mind
With proper literacy among other living kinds

Time , a miraculous food for Earth-space continuum
Instilling the past , present and future occurrences in them

The food in form of gas , the Oxygen , to and from CO2
For maintaining existence , where breathing resides

The biological food cycle on earth describes
That every output is an input prescribed

The food for every soul and mind depends upon totally
Of requirements that arises both internally and externally

Ensconced in forms of matter where solid, liquid and gases thrives
Indulging in every whim of hunger in all Living Lives

- © Umamaheswari Anandane

This poem was written and submitted to Jingle Poetry Monday Poetry Potluck .