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Thursday 19 May 2011

A Smile that transforms your life .....

Presenting the real beauty of Woman along with a poem which is a small comparison between the old age woman and the new age women.This was born as a result of a conversation we had along with a friend about the woman today.

Husbands :  Can a wife be capable enough to be compared with our Mom ?
Wives : We are more than that .We can transform between the two , being both modern as well as traditional.

Along with this comparison ,I tried to bring in the real beauty of a Women which is "HER SMILE

Good Old Days
a dissipated image
of his Mom appears on his mind ...

She gets up in the Morning,
cleans the house ,
waters the verandah
and decorates the doorsteps with kolams

Then she freshens herself ,
dresses beautifully in a saree
comes to her room to wake
her husband ,sound asleep

with a massage on his feet
slowly waking him up
and then handling him 
a hot tea or coffee 

she waits till he drinks it
and then takes it back to the kitchen
again ,she enters with a towel and bursh
for him and says,
"you water is ready in the bathroom"

He comes near her and lands a kiss on her forehead.

He woke up staring now at 
his newly wed married wife
educated from aboard
as she kisses his forehead
waking him up

Good Morning dear
Your coffee is ready
She looked fully dressed with make-up

She smiled at him
That smile made his day 
A Women's Smile !
Contagious Gift worth receiving 

He hardly heard what she said,
"And yes,forgot to tell you
I have an important meeting today
Your breakfast is ready
Freshen up and lets meet at noon"

She went.....

He sat on his bed 
and with a remote ,
switched on the music in his room
and slowly took the coffee
made from a coffee maker
sipped in the aroma as he drank it
it's the new three in one NescafĂ©

He thinks,
"everything is
presented with the changes
that is required with
the fast moving world for good
Why not let his wife be one among them ?"
Love Graphics Hearts Clipart
Light The Love
The Real beauty of Woman is "HER SMILE".A simple curve on her face does the Magic . It's a powerful potion of Love . It comes naturally when we like someone .It does the magic of transforming your surroundings with happiness.A Women who spends most of her time with children and relations needs the importance to have this smile as a part of her life .A smile is worth sharing and passing to the known and also the unknown.

Mother Teresa :Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.

A smile is contagious ,it spreads from one person to another making or transforming their life into a bliss for a second .A women's smile spreads around her family making relationships healthy which in turn makes her happy .She wins hearts with her smile .Every art ,has a smile in it be it a photograph , poem or story .We love stories with happy endings .Everyone love to smile and even more see others smile .When a women smiles , her eyes in turn smiles lifting her face making it more attractive . 

A Smile is a contagious curve thats spirals around each and every soul making life appear beautiful .That is in fact the Real Beauty of any Women .She holds the magic wand in between her lips :) :) :)

Sunday 15 May 2011

Fortresses, Castles, Palaces and Royal houses Inside my poem book

Dublin Castle,Ireland
Mysore Maharaja Palace,India
Benizer Blutto Royal house , Dubai 
Forbidden City , Beijing
Rajesthan Fort , India
Berleybeyi Palace,Istanbul
Chambord Castle,Val - de - Loire ,France
Alhambra Fortress

Exploring Poetry ,WEEK 13 of Exploring Poetry Journey.It is more or less like TREKKING.Say, a poetry trekking....few joined me in my trekking in the past making my experience an enjoyable one...and I am still awaiting more to join me in.


The Villanelle is a challenging but fun form of poetry with a haunting repetitive pattern.Its name derives from the Italian villa, or country house, where noblemen went to refresh themselves, perhaps dally with the locals, and imagine that they were back to nature.Most poets prefer to use this form of poetry for more brooding images or memories that come back to haunt you, but you can choose what subject matter you want.

How to write a Villanelle:
  1. A poetic form to express a feeling or an idea.
  2. It has a total of 19 lines in the pattern of 3-3-3-3-3-4 i.e in five tercets and a concluding quatrain.
  3. Except the second line in each stanza ,all other lines Rhymes.
  4. Two lines the first and third in the  first stanza are repeated along the poems in the pattern of
                1st  stanza - A1-b-C1
                2nd stanza -a-b-A1
                3rd stanza -a-b-C1
                4th stanza-a-b-C1
                5th stanza-a-b-c1
                6th stanza-a-b-A1 -C1, 
    Where " a not repeated but rhymes, and b not repeated and does not   rhymes" and  " A1, C1 repeated and rhymes"

    Another Cinderella Story!
Oh! This morning dew, how I feel its need when I am alone here
Its closeness near my skin, trying to quench my thirst , I sigh!
How I yearn for that love I lost somewhere among the rolling years

 I am a sequel of The Cinderella, in my life like her I appear 
Spending my days with abuses, craving for a soft voice around me
Oh! This morning dew, how I feel its need when I am alone here

A lost pearl I am now, my feelings lay unprotected, I fear
Recalling the day when I lost my protective shell to someone else
How I yearn for that love I lost somewhere among the rolling years

Why my mom always sided with my step-sister made things unclear
Making the ache in my heart grow more, leaving my voices unheard
Oh! This morning dew, how I feel its need when I am alone here

I dream of you my Guardian angel, I wish you were there
To get me to home to a Prince who will wipe away all my tears
How I yearn for that love I lost somewhere among the rolling years

Like he found his true love through the lost glass slipper
Rescuing her from all the sorrows that had befallen her
How I yearn for that love I lost somewhere among the rolling years
Oh! This morning dew, how I feel your need when I am alone here

You you want to know /explore more poetry forms with explanations and examples ,do visit "Exploring Poetry" where you can find links of many poets and their poetry form .

The above poem " Another Cinderella Story " is written in Villanelle poetry form and is featured in RiikaInfinity's TOS and Jingle Poetry Potluck .

A Marriage Invitation

An Invitation plays an important role in each and every Marriage .The invitation and its written words has a story to tell.I still remember how my grandma takes her glass and sits on the sofa as she reads each  Marriage Invitation she gets in our home .She tells the history of the family as she reads them . My mother joins my grand-ma and soon they start to discuss thing and we all hear them with our ears open as always.Such information it has as they seems to be .

Okay what can we find? I can hear you ask me.

First of all , the way in which the invitation is presented says how well-off the family is . Then few details of the Couples (bride and bridegroom) and their family details are given like who they are and what they do .Its like giving the details of the extension of the families.The bride's family binding with the bridegroom's family making them as ONE through this marriage knocks each and every door of their relatives and friends.Then ,the information of about the place and the timings of the marriage is given.The last page always has the details of the related family members of both the bride and the bridegrooms ,mainly their name and their work details . Few people also add photographs of themselves in the front page of the Invitations .Can 't it be enough ? Yet , we all love them .Giving and Receiving Invitation is a token of respect in Indian and almost in any cultures.x

Every Invitation has a story to say ....

Marriage Invitation
The two's bonding
as one tied in strings
stored inside
a golden hexagon
an invitation

Perfect bonding
a written statement
with utmost love
care and

Lifelong treasure
scripted in elegance
with golden beads
and ribbon strings
full of grandeur

Cards finds its way
to every relations
and friends
sure to become
the talk of the day

Every Invitation
has a story to tell
and a new message
to convey, "Extension
of Families"

Marriage bonds thus
made in heaven
fulfills it's presence
as we rewrite on earth
in golden words

You can explore more of poetry forms in "Exploring Poetry" and if you want something in writings like thoughts and fun ,you can always visit here .

Wednesday 11 May 2011

Recap of NaPoWriMo 30 days 30 poems Challenge

The NaPoWriMo 30 days 30 poems challenge got over in April 2011 and made me learn few new things in Poetry.Every prompt was a challenge and was a great brain teasers too .My blog was filled with new ideas and poems after this I hear some other challenge out there : D.

RECAP of NaPoWriMo-Month of  April 
  1. Write a poem that incorporates the titles of three books you have in your house.
  2. What’s a pwoermd, you ask? It’s a one-word poem!
  3. Write a poem predicting your own death — at night in Omaha at the Shell Station, in an underwater Mexican grotto after a dry spell
  4. Try writing a poem that responds to or riffs off of one of someone else’s NaPoWriMo poems.
  5. Today’s prompt plays on the fact that poetry itself is a type of play, and that great lines often arise out of paradoxes and oxymorons using  Serendipitous Oxymoron Maker which will randomly pair up words into oxymorons for you, like “blissful zombie” or “sour beauty.”
  6. To write a Ekphrastic poetry based on three possible songs to inspire a poem: Ann Peebles’ I Can’t Stand the Rain, Joe Cocker’s cover of The Letter, and Lady Gaga’s countrified version of Born This Way.
  7. It asks you to write a poem with seven different phrases, ideas, or just plain old “things” in it
  8. Write a nursery rhyme. 4 to 6 lines, 3-5 accented syllables per line and of course, a rhyme or two.
  9. Try to write a poem backwards. I don’t mean letter by letter, or word by word, but line by line.The poem has to be an address to someone or something that can’t answer back — a person who is absent, or an animal or inanimate object.
  10. Today’s prompt is a mirror poem. Find or think of a poem you admire, and write a poem that is a “mirror-image” of it.
  11. Write a poem of at least 40 lines that is a single sentence. Hints: try using very short lines, or else a lot of commas, as though you were a Victorian novel.
  12. Examine an old photograph—a found image, a photo from childhood, an iconic shot from history—and give it a title. Then put the photo aside and write a poem using this title.
  13. The five minute poem : write your very fast poem about something fast. Jackrabbits or bullet-trains, comets or greyhounds.
  14. Today’s prompt honors the sonnet - Shakespeare’s sonnets in particular tend to develop along these lines: a question is posed, discussed, and then answered. It’s an essay in 14 lines!
  15. Today’s prompt invites you to celebrate that yin yang quality,the eternal twinning of opposites
  16. Create a poem, either by erasing words from the paragraph, or recombining the words thats been reproduce for your perusal from a paragraph from Annie Dillard’s book, The Writing Life.
  17. Today’s prompt calls for you to write a portrait poem. Your poetic portrait can be of anyone: your mom, Hulk Hogan, George Washington Carver, Snooki, whoever.
  18. Today’s prompt is an incantatory color poem.Now, write a poem that uses the color in every or nearly ever line: a hypnotic invocation of the color.
  19. Today’s challenge is to write a poem inspired by something you’ve overheard.I heard about the ROYAL WEDDING.
  20. Writing a Ghazal which are an ancient Persian poetic form, and they are a good way of trying to let go of prose-like sense when writing poems
  21. Cento challenge , a poetic form made up of lines from poems by other poets.
  22. To write a short, satirical poem. Perhaps a double dactyl, or “higgledly piggledy” poem .
  23. I challenge you to write a bouts-rimes sonnet which is a sort of poetic parlor game: you write a poem using the rhyming end words from another poem either from K. Silem Mohammad’s poemYou White White Teatime Teen, which was itself constructed anagrammatically from Shakespeare’sSonnet VI, or from Robert Frost’s The Silken Tent
  24. Today, I challenge you to write an autobiographical poem.
  25. A riddle poem – one in which you write from the point of view of an object or person (or about an object and person), and the poem itself forms a giant riddle. 
  26. Today its the  spoetry the spam-based poem has found various happy forms all over the internet and beyond.
  27. Today’s poetry prompt comes to us from the twitter feed of the American Academy of Poets, which asks us to try writing poems using our least favorite words.I am going to change it as the most favorite word in 2011.
  28. Homophonic translation -translate” a poem from a language you don’t know into English, based on how the words look or sound.
  29. To write a poem based on a headline
  30. Greek myth poem
I was satisfied with the results of all my poems and I personally favor few :  Ekphrastic poetry  , color poemHomophonic translationMirrorpoem,Royal Wedding,Riddle poem ,Ghazal ,old photograph,autobiographical poem ,Oxymoron and Greek myth .

You may also like to read  my EXPLORING POETRY  and amaze yourself with these  FEATURED BOOKS . Also ,if you like my poetry you may also like to check my writings at the PERPETUAL MIND .

Sunday 8 May 2011

Exploring Poetry - Happy Mother's Day Picture Poem

To My Mother ,

A special card designed specially for you : D

You had a small and sweet Kingdom
With two Princess and a Prince
The King ,my father knows that 
His Queen  my mother worths a special 
Applause for not only this day
but with each and every passing seconds
I pray all the Angels in heaven
To safeguard this little Kingdom and it's generations
Always and ever in safe hands of the Almighty !

Daughter :)

This week in " Exploring Poetry ", I ask you to try writing a picture poem as above .To write a "Picture Poem"
  1. Write a poem in MS-Word 
  2. Then open MS-Paint and using text ,copy the poem for word to paint
  3. Make your own format and colors using the tools options in MS-Paint
  4. Add a image like rose or baby to your poetry text
  5. Save and embed in your blog
So are you ready to write and link.After you have done do link in below .

Friday 6 May 2011

Poems on Greek myths Narcissus and Echo in my Poem Book

Greek Mythology are myths from very old or ancient times including stories about Greek Gods and Greek Goddesses, Greek Myths and Greek Heroes like Achilles and Hercules .I have written a poem about the PANDORA'S BOX which in turn is a poem from a Greek myth .If I take to write poem of the Greeks myth ,I will have nearly as many poems to publish another book. If you are the one who is interested in Greek Mythology ,you can find many stories here .The final poem for NaPoWriMo's prompt is to write a poem based on a Greek myth.

The Story Of Narcissus and Echo

The son of God Narcissus was a very handsome man
but proud enough to turn away womans proposing him
he even turned away a woman nymph called Echo
who loved the Narcissus as much as she can

Echo though beautiful had a speech problem then
a curse for her big mouth , now she lay helpless
one day as Narcissus got lost in the woods
all she could is to repeat the words said to her when
ever he called out "Is anyone there?"
Echo used to reply "Here, Here".

upset of not being loved in return
Echo hid herself in a cave
with nothing left except her voice in
A Goddess maiden heard about this somehow
got angry and cursed him to fall in love
with himself - Narcissus

Even as Narcissus was admiring himself in a clear pond
Echo noticed that he fell in love with his reflection
As he vainly said to his face in water "I love you"
Echo replied from the cave and within "I love you"
with whispering thoughts of Narcissus

He stayed admiring himself
in the pond forever
till one day he died and grew as a flower
called Narcissus

Even now in the caves you can hear
Echo senselessly repeating the words of others
you can also feel her vibrations as you near
with echoing your voices further and further


Wednesday 4 May 2011

Spoetry or spoems from the spams in my gmail inbox

What are spams ?For newbies ,Spam are nearly identical messages sent to numerous recipients at the same time like a unsolicited bulk messages using electronic messaging system.Our sensitive inbox of google or yahoo identifies them ,since many recipients of the same mail system gets the same messages and so they are directly sent to our spam boxes.

Spoetry or spoems are poetic verses made primarily from the subject lines of spam e-mail messages.Making poetry of this kind is interesting and funny.I had to get few words from here and there making it a poem and yet deliver the same message that I got as spam .

Let me choose few spams from my inbox and then write a poetry with it.

The original mail in my spam box regarding the same :
  1. Newsletter by Secret Search Engine Labs
  2. London 2012 Olympic Games tickets
Spoetry in Haiku style.
.com extension
right domain name for business
branded short version

London Olympic Games
Win tickets for your purchases
Visa Prepaid cards