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Sunday 1 May 2011

The Whispering Dewdrops - ZEST(Z) Poetry for a Change

THE CHANGE (Finding Zest in life)

Each thoughts that never happens, recalls God's presence
Who knows the ends of the each chapter in human's life
Humans who never knows his destined end, hence
Expect more even after each ends which holds his life in strife

Heart, a place unfenced lets thoughts from all around
Letting people e to leaves their footprints unnoticed
One person to share a heart, the life is safe and sound
If another joins claming her rights, one is left to contend 

The starting and ending of a life is a mystery hidden
The correct path or the correct way, no one ever knows 
Each single path cross and they change, the journey ends
If we know the reality of change, we understand how life flows

Original content of the Tamil song by poet Kaviarasu Kanadasan :

Ninaipathellam nadanthuvittal theivam ethum illai
Nadanthathaye ninaithirunthal amaithi endrum illai
Mudintha kathai thodarvathillai iraivan etinile
Thodarntha kathai mudivathillai manithan etinile

Ayiram vasal ithayam athil ayiram ennangal uthayam
Yaaro varuvar yaaro irupar varuvathum povathum theriyathu
Oruvar mattum kudi irunthal thunbam ethumillai
Ondriukka ondru vanthal endrum amaithi illai


Enge vazhkai thodangum athu enge evitham mudiyum
Ithu than pathai ithu than payanam enbathu yaaukkum theriyathu
Pathaiyellam mari varum… payanam mudinthuvidum
Maruvathu purinthu kondal mayakkam thelinduvidum


Submitted for A to Z Challenge for the last alphabet (Z)  and NaPoWriMo's prompt of translating a poem from another language into English.


  1. I'm always fascinated to see a poetry translation. That is hard to do. :)

  2. Coming from a family that speaks more than English, I'm well aware of how hard it is sometimes to translate and make sense. You did a good job with this one. Well done!

  3. divine message,
    perfect rhyming..


  4. I always learn something new here!
    Here is Mine:

  5. is about change and if we accept that life tends to flow all the smoother....

  6. i often wonder about how life would've been had i taken another path on different crossways..often it's just small decisions of circumstances that lead our way into a certain direction.. wouldn't i have written this company blog, i may have never started my own blog - > maybe never started to write poetry..and so it goes..i like your thoughts in this...and see..your verse made me think on...smiles

  7. what a way to go for change.
    love it.

  8. so soothing and loving this is.