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Sunday 8 May 2011

Exploring Poetry - Happy Mother's Day Picture Poem

To My Mother ,

A special card designed specially for you : D

You had a small and sweet Kingdom
With two Princess and a Prince
The King ,my father knows that 
His Queen  my mother worths a special 
Applause for not only this day
but with each and every passing seconds
I pray all the Angels in heaven
To safeguard this little Kingdom and it's generations
Always and ever in safe hands of the Almighty !

Daughter :)

This week in " Exploring Poetry ", I ask you to try writing a picture poem as above .To write a "Picture Poem"
  1. Write a poem in MS-Word 
  2. Then open MS-Paint and using text ,copy the poem for word to paint
  3. Make your own format and colors using the tools options in MS-Paint
  4. Add a image like rose or baby to your poetry text
  5. Save and embed in your blog
So are you ready to write and link.After you have done do link in below .


  1. Nicely done, Uma. Touching homage to your parents. Worthy challenge. I will come back to it if time allows, though I am not hopeful!!! I'm so behind ....

    Thanks for this and for your work on JP. Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day.


  2. Nicely done! I don't think I will get time to do a embedded text version, so not linking up. But here is my poem + picture (not embedded):

  3. very cool!
    you do awesome work!

  4. lovely dedication... beautifully written

  5. ah this is lovely and a belated mothers day to you! love the 24 into gold...

  6. A beautiful, loving tribute!

  7. Such a wonderful tribute. The love is obvious. Here is ine:

  8. beautiful tribute to your mother. I get SO frustrated with Paint but will try to do one this month.

  9. Mothers create the world-- lovely tribute to yours.