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Friday 6 May 2011

Poems on Greek myths Narcissus and Echo in my Poem Book

Greek Mythology are myths from very old or ancient times including stories about Greek Gods and Greek Goddesses, Greek Myths and Greek Heroes like Achilles and Hercules .I have written a poem about the PANDORA'S BOX which in turn is a poem from a Greek myth .If I take to write poem of the Greeks myth ,I will have nearly as many poems to publish another book. If you are the one who is interested in Greek Mythology ,you can find many stories here .The final poem for NaPoWriMo's prompt is to write a poem based on a Greek myth.

The Story Of Narcissus and Echo

The son of God Narcissus was a very handsome man
but proud enough to turn away womans proposing him
he even turned away a woman nymph called Echo
who loved the Narcissus as much as she can

Echo though beautiful had a speech problem then
a curse for her big mouth , now she lay helpless
one day as Narcissus got lost in the woods
all she could is to repeat the words said to her when
ever he called out "Is anyone there?"
Echo used to reply "Here, Here".

upset of not being loved in return
Echo hid herself in a cave
with nothing left except her voice in
A Goddess maiden heard about this somehow
got angry and cursed him to fall in love
with himself - Narcissus

Even as Narcissus was admiring himself in a clear pond
Echo noticed that he fell in love with his reflection
As he vainly said to his face in water "I love you"
Echo replied from the cave and within "I love you"
with whispering thoughts of Narcissus

He stayed admiring himself
in the pond forever
till one day he died and grew as a flower
called Narcissus

Even now in the caves you can hear
Echo senselessly repeating the words of others
you can also feel her vibrations as you near
with echoing your voices further and further



  1. Uma,

    An excellent and well recounted piece of writing!
    Very well told.


  2. already commented on your one shot so thought i would go deeper...i really enjoyed your finely spun myth...echo, ha, with a speech impediment...made me smile...

  3. i agree, nice storytelling, the end was very sensitive

  4. nice...i remember this one...i started in on it and it rang familiar...well penned though and i enjoyed the re-read

  5. the prompt is for you to redo a poem,

    this one seems very creative.

  6. nicely spun piece of greek mythology interpretation indeed...great what you done with this...and great choice in the piece you picked

  7. Great "poetri-zation" of this amazing myth! Like your approach! Very well done!