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Wednesday 4 May 2011

Spoetry or spoems from the spams in my gmail inbox

What are spams ?For newbies ,Spam are nearly identical messages sent to numerous recipients at the same time like a unsolicited bulk messages using electronic messaging system.Our sensitive inbox of google or yahoo identifies them ,since many recipients of the same mail system gets the same messages and so they are directly sent to our spam boxes.

Spoetry or spoems are poetic verses made primarily from the subject lines of spam e-mail messages.Making poetry of this kind is interesting and funny.I had to get few words from here and there making it a poem and yet deliver the same message that I got as spam .

Let me choose few spams from my inbox and then write a poetry with it.

The original mail in my spam box regarding the same :
  1. Newsletter by Secret Search Engine Labs
  2. London 2012 Olympic Games tickets
Spoetry in Haiku style.
.com extension
right domain name for business
branded short version

London Olympic Games
Win tickets for your purchases
Visa Prepaid cards 


  1. I love spoetry! I discovered this recently through NaPoWriMo and was quite impressed with the idea you know.

    You have written such apt haikus. Liked the .com extension poem best.

  2. Finally something useful to do with all that spam!

  3. Now this is one creative use of email Spam - I love it!

  4. ha. that was rather fun...perhaps i will take another look at my spam...

  5. fun take on irritating parts of the e world.

  6. that was hilarious!
    But i dnt think i can write... Would try though. *rushes to her spam inbox*

  7. Hehehe something fun to do with spam! Except for deleting it, of course.

  8. Thanks for bring a smile to my face!