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Sunday 15 May 2011

Fortresses, Castles, Palaces and Royal houses Inside my poem book

Dublin Castle,Ireland
Mysore Maharaja Palace,India
Benizer Blutto Royal house , Dubai 
Forbidden City , Beijing
Rajesthan Fort , India
Berleybeyi Palace,Istanbul
Chambord Castle,Val - de - Loire ,France
Alhambra Fortress

Exploring Poetry ,WEEK 13 of Exploring Poetry Journey.It is more or less like TREKKING.Say, a poetry trekking....few joined me in my trekking in the past making my experience an enjoyable one...and I am still awaiting more to join me in.


The Villanelle is a challenging but fun form of poetry with a haunting repetitive pattern.Its name derives from the Italian villa, or country house, where noblemen went to refresh themselves, perhaps dally with the locals, and imagine that they were back to nature.Most poets prefer to use this form of poetry for more brooding images or memories that come back to haunt you, but you can choose what subject matter you want.

How to write a Villanelle:
  1. A poetic form to express a feeling or an idea.
  2. It has a total of 19 lines in the pattern of 3-3-3-3-3-4 i.e in five tercets and a concluding quatrain.
  3. Except the second line in each stanza ,all other lines Rhymes.
  4. Two lines the first and third in the  first stanza are repeated along the poems in the pattern of
                1st  stanza - A1-b-C1
                2nd stanza -a-b-A1
                3rd stanza -a-b-C1
                4th stanza-a-b-C1
                5th stanza-a-b-c1
                6th stanza-a-b-A1 -C1, 
    Where " a not repeated but rhymes, and b not repeated and does not   rhymes" and  " A1, C1 repeated and rhymes"

    Another Cinderella Story!
Oh! This morning dew, how I feel its need when I am alone here
Its closeness near my skin, trying to quench my thirst , I sigh!
How I yearn for that love I lost somewhere among the rolling years

 I am a sequel of The Cinderella, in my life like her I appear 
Spending my days with abuses, craving for a soft voice around me
Oh! This morning dew, how I feel its need when I am alone here

A lost pearl I am now, my feelings lay unprotected, I fear
Recalling the day when I lost my protective shell to someone else
How I yearn for that love I lost somewhere among the rolling years

Why my mom always sided with my step-sister made things unclear
Making the ache in my heart grow more, leaving my voices unheard
Oh! This morning dew, how I feel its need when I am alone here

I dream of you my Guardian angel, I wish you were there
To get me to home to a Prince who will wipe away all my tears
How I yearn for that love I lost somewhere among the rolling years

Like he found his true love through the lost glass slipper
Rescuing her from all the sorrows that had befallen her
How I yearn for that love I lost somewhere among the rolling years
Oh! This morning dew, how I feel your need when I am alone here

You you want to know /explore more poetry forms with explanations and examples ,do visit "Exploring Poetry" where you can find links of many poets and their poetry form .

The above poem " Another Cinderella Story " is written in Villanelle poetry form and is featured in RiikaInfinity's TOS and Jingle Poetry Potluck .


  1. Welcome all,
    Hope you all enjoyed my poetry blog and also hope you would link your works too :D

    Happy Week !
    Keep in touch :)


  2. This is a lovely villanelle. Love the photos!

  3. very refreshing. i love villanelles, but have yet written one, i just stick with sonnets :)

  4. such a lovely retelling of Cinderella, Uma... loved how you put it in a villanelle... gave it a dreamy feel...
    Gotta try it some time... thanks for the little writeup on this poetry form!!

  5. great poem. describes the yearning she felt quite well.

  6. Beautifully penned take on a moment in Cinderellas life. You can all but hear the wistful earnestness of her prayer. And a tip of the hat of your use of the Villanelle! That form has always been a bee in my poetic bonnet, and you make it look so natural and effortless.

  7. a peaceful start, then the yearning painting a disenchanting picture :(
    Have fun at the rally!

  8. your poem is stunning,

    the images for the potluck theme are beautiful.

  9. Truly amazing! Love to be reading it again >=P~

  10. wonderful poem.. love it uma.. Here is my rally post, ~ come on idiot, you are for me ~

    ! Happy Sunday !

    Someone is Special

  11. awesome writing tips.

    Check out our short story slam today,

    We love creativity, your input is valued.

    Happy Friday!
    Hope to see you in!