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Sunday 15 May 2011

A Marriage Invitation

An Invitation plays an important role in each and every Marriage .The invitation and its written words has a story to tell.I still remember how my grandma takes her glass and sits on the sofa as she reads each  Marriage Invitation she gets in our home .She tells the history of the family as she reads them . My mother joins my grand-ma and soon they start to discuss thing and we all hear them with our ears open as always.Such information it has as they seems to be .

Okay what can we find? I can hear you ask me.

First of all , the way in which the invitation is presented says how well-off the family is . Then few details of the Couples (bride and bridegroom) and their family details are given like who they are and what they do .Its like giving the details of the extension of the families.The bride's family binding with the bridegroom's family making them as ONE through this marriage knocks each and every door of their relatives and friends.Then ,the information of about the place and the timings of the marriage is given.The last page always has the details of the related family members of both the bride and the bridegrooms ,mainly their name and their work details . Few people also add photographs of themselves in the front page of the Invitations .Can 't it be enough ? Yet , we all love them .Giving and Receiving Invitation is a token of respect in Indian and almost in any cultures.x

Every Invitation has a story to say ....

Marriage Invitation
The two's bonding
as one tied in strings
stored inside
a golden hexagon
an invitation

Perfect bonding
a written statement
with utmost love
care and

Lifelong treasure
scripted in elegance
with golden beads
and ribbon strings
full of grandeur

Cards finds its way
to every relations
and friends
sure to become
the talk of the day

Every Invitation
has a story to tell
and a new message
to convey, "Extension
of Families"

Marriage bonds thus
made in heaven
fulfills it's presence
as we rewrite on earth
in golden words

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  1. ya its an announcement to all. we are joining...lovely bonding

  2. Enjoy reading your poem Uma.
    Lovely piece.

  3. This is a lovely poem! You captured the essence of a wedding invitation vividly, with lots of extra details. Thanks for sharing!

    For more great poetry goodies and weekly prompts you might want to check out my little community I've just created:

  4. This would serve as a lovely explanation prior to vows being shared.

  5. Uma,
    Thank you for explaining the culture, behind the wedding invitation.
    Your poem followed up, with lovely words, to also tell the story.

    The invitation, is a really lovely keepsake, of the day.


  6. Thanks for enlightening me about the invitation. I never knew there was so much involved.

    The actual invitation is so beautiful...a lovely reminder to both not only of their special moment, but also of the promises made.

  7. Looks like a blessed and happy event!

  8. I love this.

    I just got married seven months ago and created my own wedding invitation card. And this truly brought back such beautiful memories. Thank you :-)

  9. ah yes, an invite to see two bond together. not to be missed. great.

  10. very blessed post,
    Thanks for sharing,
    Happy Rally.

  11. A most enjoyable read well written :)

  12. Wedding invitations are the outer representations of inner commitments. Your explanation and poem should be read long before the couple create their own special memories. Excellent write on both. Thank you.

  13. whats amazing bout marriage is it combinds two familes togeda and work well afterwards.

  14. Yes, a story in each card :) And I designed a few for my friends. A lovely poem, Uma!

    My poem ~ A Poetic World

  15. Oh wow so elegant. Exquisite poem =)

  16. it doesn't only implies to marriage invitations..

    every letter/cards you send, you're creating relation to the recipients..

    I love the message of this one..

    nicely done! :)

  17. Very interesting write Uma, this kind of invitation reminds me of the importance of an invitation to sit and eat with another in some cultures. So much more than merely shared food - symbolised commitment and acceptance... thank you!

  18. Ah! Marriages are made in heaven! And we fall in love on earth!

  19. Such a wonderful write...But unfortunately not all have a blissful marriage....Sorry please do not mistake me..I've always loved your writing..thanks for share...

  20. @ALL - Thanks for your Lovey Comment.Keep Visiting :)

    @Eileen -you forgot to say forever .Yes ,the invitation is a lovely keepsake forever:)

    @andy @azaia-Happy that it brought your beautiful memories back:D

    @dan @chim @leo @jena @paul
    @jaanpehchaan-You already knew more about it :P:D

    @pure2core- Good part of the truth is it solely depends upon the person who understands the importance of marriage.

  21. are cool when they are built on the right purposes...and invitation to the birth of a new life as one...i just wish more lasted longer than the ink drying on the invite...

  22. Lovely peek into cultural traditions and that always pleases me.

  23. Never knew there was so much involved at hall, great verse and yeah so true, many don't even get the concept one bit.

  24. Dear Uma

    I could relate to this all.. and yes the verse is beautiful in its description. Wish we all have the same thoughts before we commit... for each relationship...not only in a marriage...

    Its lovely invitation...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya