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Thursday 19 May 2011

A Smile that transforms your life .....

Presenting the real beauty of Woman along with a poem which is a small comparison between the old age woman and the new age women.This was born as a result of a conversation we had along with a friend about the woman today.

Husbands :  Can a wife be capable enough to be compared with our Mom ?
Wives : We are more than that .We can transform between the two , being both modern as well as traditional.

Along with this comparison ,I tried to bring in the real beauty of a Women which is "HER SMILE

Good Old Days
a dissipated image
of his Mom appears on his mind ...

She gets up in the Morning,
cleans the house ,
waters the verandah
and decorates the doorsteps with kolams

Then she freshens herself ,
dresses beautifully in a saree
comes to her room to wake
her husband ,sound asleep

with a massage on his feet
slowly waking him up
and then handling him 
a hot tea or coffee 

she waits till he drinks it
and then takes it back to the kitchen
again ,she enters with a towel and bursh
for him and says,
"you water is ready in the bathroom"

He comes near her and lands a kiss on her forehead.

He woke up staring now at 
his newly wed married wife
educated from aboard
as she kisses his forehead
waking him up

Good Morning dear
Your coffee is ready
She looked fully dressed with make-up

She smiled at him
That smile made his day 
A Women's Smile !
Contagious Gift worth receiving 

He hardly heard what she said,
"And yes,forgot to tell you
I have an important meeting today
Your breakfast is ready
Freshen up and lets meet at noon"

She went.....

He sat on his bed 
and with a remote ,
switched on the music in his room
and slowly took the coffee
made from a coffee maker
sipped in the aroma as he drank it
it's the new three in one NescafĂ©

He thinks,
"everything is
presented with the changes
that is required with
the fast moving world for good
Why not let his wife be one among them ?"
Love Graphics Hearts Clipart
Light The Love
The Real beauty of Woman is "HER SMILE".A simple curve on her face does the Magic . It's a powerful potion of Love . It comes naturally when we like someone .It does the magic of transforming your surroundings with happiness.A Women who spends most of her time with children and relations needs the importance to have this smile as a part of her life .A smile is worth sharing and passing to the known and also the unknown.

Mother Teresa :Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.

A smile is contagious ,it spreads from one person to another making or transforming their life into a bliss for a second .A women's smile spreads around her family making relationships healthy which in turn makes her happy .She wins hearts with her smile .Every art ,has a smile in it be it a photograph , poem or story .We love stories with happy endings .Everyone love to smile and even more see others smile .When a women smiles , her eyes in turn smiles lifting her face making it more attractive . 

A Smile is a contagious curve thats spirals around each and every soul making life appear beautiful .That is in fact the Real Beauty of any Women .She holds the magic wand in between her lips :) :) :)


  1. this really is lovely...the smile does set the temperature...and love how she woke him...may have to try that with my wife...

  2. There's something to be said about a woman's worth.

    You penned this beautifully.

    I'd like to share with you my poem "WHAT MAKES A WOMAN BEAUTIFUL". You may read it here:

  3. This is so beautiful and heartwarming. Loved it. :)

  4. lovely lines !!!

    Random Scribblings

  5. Thank you so much for taking time and visiting my blog and for all the encouraging words. Loved reading your poem Smile. While reading, I was thinking of my husband,who keeps saying that all the while that a smile from a wife gives so much happiness to a man, a happiness which cannot be compared. Radhika

  6. Uma, i don't have words.. what a poem.. I voted and added like to this beauty.. here is a heart expressing what does true beauty means

    Someone is Special

  7. Beautiful simple poem straight out of heart. Loved it.

  8. true words.
    smiles are beautiful indeed.

  9. this was a nice read, a painting of what truly matters whether young or old , I enjoyed

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  11. stunning beauty expression.
    keep it up.

    Happy monday.

  12. Smiles. Great message through lovely lines.

  13. I really love the way you painted an atmosphere I could envision every moment. Tender and lovely