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Wednesday 11 May 2011

Recap of NaPoWriMo 30 days 30 poems Challenge

The NaPoWriMo 30 days 30 poems challenge got over in April 2011 and made me learn few new things in Poetry.Every prompt was a challenge and was a great brain teasers too .My blog was filled with new ideas and poems after this I hear some other challenge out there : D.

RECAP of NaPoWriMo-Month of  April 
  1. Write a poem that incorporates the titles of three books you have in your house.
  2. What’s a pwoermd, you ask? It’s a one-word poem!
  3. Write a poem predicting your own death — at night in Omaha at the Shell Station, in an underwater Mexican grotto after a dry spell
  4. Try writing a poem that responds to or riffs off of one of someone else’s NaPoWriMo poems.
  5. Today’s prompt plays on the fact that poetry itself is a type of play, and that great lines often arise out of paradoxes and oxymorons using  Serendipitous Oxymoron Maker which will randomly pair up words into oxymorons for you, like “blissful zombie” or “sour beauty.”
  6. To write a Ekphrastic poetry based on three possible songs to inspire a poem: Ann Peebles’ I Can’t Stand the Rain, Joe Cocker’s cover of The Letter, and Lady Gaga’s countrified version of Born This Way.
  7. It asks you to write a poem with seven different phrases, ideas, or just plain old “things” in it
  8. Write a nursery rhyme. 4 to 6 lines, 3-5 accented syllables per line and of course, a rhyme or two.
  9. Try to write a poem backwards. I don’t mean letter by letter, or word by word, but line by line.The poem has to be an address to someone or something that can’t answer back — a person who is absent, or an animal or inanimate object.
  10. Today’s prompt is a mirror poem. Find or think of a poem you admire, and write a poem that is a “mirror-image” of it.
  11. Write a poem of at least 40 lines that is a single sentence. Hints: try using very short lines, or else a lot of commas, as though you were a Victorian novel.
  12. Examine an old photograph—a found image, a photo from childhood, an iconic shot from history—and give it a title. Then put the photo aside and write a poem using this title.
  13. The five minute poem : write your very fast poem about something fast. Jackrabbits or bullet-trains, comets or greyhounds.
  14. Today’s prompt honors the sonnet - Shakespeare’s sonnets in particular tend to develop along these lines: a question is posed, discussed, and then answered. It’s an essay in 14 lines!
  15. Today’s prompt invites you to celebrate that yin yang quality,the eternal twinning of opposites
  16. Create a poem, either by erasing words from the paragraph, or recombining the words thats been reproduce for your perusal from a paragraph from Annie Dillard’s book, The Writing Life.
  17. Today’s prompt calls for you to write a portrait poem. Your poetic portrait can be of anyone: your mom, Hulk Hogan, George Washington Carver, Snooki, whoever.
  18. Today’s prompt is an incantatory color poem.Now, write a poem that uses the color in every or nearly ever line: a hypnotic invocation of the color.
  19. Today’s challenge is to write a poem inspired by something you’ve overheard.I heard about the ROYAL WEDDING.
  20. Writing a Ghazal which are an ancient Persian poetic form, and they are a good way of trying to let go of prose-like sense when writing poems
  21. Cento challenge , a poetic form made up of lines from poems by other poets.
  22. To write a short, satirical poem. Perhaps a double dactyl, or “higgledly piggledy” poem .
  23. I challenge you to write a bouts-rimes sonnet which is a sort of poetic parlor game: you write a poem using the rhyming end words from another poem either from K. Silem Mohammad’s poemYou White White Teatime Teen, which was itself constructed anagrammatically from Shakespeare’sSonnet VI, or from Robert Frost’s The Silken Tent
  24. Today, I challenge you to write an autobiographical poem.
  25. A riddle poem – one in which you write from the point of view of an object or person (or about an object and person), and the poem itself forms a giant riddle. 
  26. Today its the  spoetry the spam-based poem has found various happy forms all over the internet and beyond.
  27. Today’s poetry prompt comes to us from the twitter feed of the American Academy of Poets, which asks us to try writing poems using our least favorite words.I am going to change it as the most favorite word in 2011.
  28. Homophonic translation -translate” a poem from a language you don’t know into English, based on how the words look or sound.
  29. To write a poem based on a headline
  30. Greek myth poem
I was satisfied with the results of all my poems and I personally favor few :  Ekphrastic poetry  , color poemHomophonic translationMirrorpoem,Royal Wedding,Riddle poem ,Ghazal ,old photograph,autobiographical poem ,Oxymoron and Greek myth .

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