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Friday 18 February 2011

My Publication !

I am ready to publish by book
A book of poems for you to look
When prompted for my book's name
I choose "Inside My Poem Book" for the same
Why this name , few friends of me asked
It seems so lame ,they chuckled
But to clarify my point  without any clog
This name was primarily chosen for my blog
Which was started from scratch
For the keywords entered in google search
And for the simplicity of the words telling
What they can ultimately find on my writing
Its all about poetry in my poem book
Which has the special  power to make you hook

Dear friends and readers,
I have not yet published my book.It's still in draft.I need you to participate in my poll to know what you are thinking about my Book Name.
Any suggestions are invited!


My Book's Publication Name: INSIDE MY POEM BOOK
Like it.Appropriate to your work.Go for it!
Thumbs down:(.Choose any other name .
Dont Know!
Can I suggest you a name?Here it is on your comment section.

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Vote Results : My Book Name

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  1. Congrats on ur new book. :) First copy is always special.. kip the good work up

  2. Uma, fantastic a book of poetry.


  3. Congratulations.. first book is always like a member of the family.. for me the book under the same name as that of my blog came first and then I started the blog.. it's reverse in your case.. it is a nice name.. I like it.. here's wishing you all the beat..

  4. Keep writing. And congratulations on your forthcoming book..

  5. "And for the simplicity of the words telling" is so refreshing. You tell it like it is, and I'm all for that. Sometimes poetry is such hard work to read because the meaning is buried deep. I'd buy your book.

  6. It's wonderful. Congratulations on publishing -

  7. Dear, go ahead.. It fits and yes, casted my vote..


  8. Your blog's name is just fine...and it will go very well with your book too...I love the name... :)

    I wanted to are you getting your book published?
    Are you including the poems written here in your blog?

  9. @all Thanks friends!I received 99% of the votes for the Book Name "Inside My Poem Book" :)

    @Vivanfrance -*hugs* happy to hear your word and that motivates me to bring out the book in good shape.

    @Sumit -My publication is very simple.You will know soon.I have both of ( best of)published and unpublished ones.The book is carefully being designed to give a professional outlook on poetry...lets hope of bringing out the best :)

  10. Pleasant Post. This enter helped me in my college assignment. Thnaks Alot