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Friday 21 October 2011

The Story of Rapunzel's Hair

Long Long ago, I grew long to flow
Wavy and sassy , chit chat as I go
I brush the soft walls on the towers
That measures my height as I reach lower
I am bathed in Lukewarm water
With natural herbs and natural colors
I am pampered with nourishing coconut oils
Carefully and neatly tied up to coil
My long golden mane with colorful ribbons
Adorned with flowers ,yellow and crimson
I am loved and taken care of so well
By a beautiful maiden named Rapunzel
I played messenger helping her find
Her true love role playing from behind
Up and down , In and out I go
Providing a only pathway to below
Until the wicked witch struck me upon
Cutting my beauty in two , one half down
Held wickedly on the hands of the witch
My other half on Rapunzel who's been ditched
I wander with her in the lonely woods
Unknown of the spell cast upon her only good
Finally, a rescue was bestowed through a Dove
To bring back my true long self and her True Love

Love and get loved - The story of Rapunzel's hair rescued through the Dove
One thing I loved about Rapunzel's hair is that she pampered her hair with love and affection which drove her to get healthier and long hair.I am not a Rapunzel but I can do what she does to her Hair [ pampering my hair to save what is left now :( ]

Life is fun when viewed from a different perspective ."Put yourself in other's shoe so you may know their pain" is a well known proverb. Now ,let me put it in a different way."Put yourself on the other side of the world say a dream world so that you may  know how beautiful your life is like a poetic world " . Chill !! :)


  1. love happy endings,

    cute dove, thanks for sharing.

  2. very perfect story in poetic form,

  3. Indeed it is a beauty.... thanks for sharing this ~

  4. Nice re-telling of the story, Uma. It's good to see you here.

  5. thank you for shining her light and message into our world for just a bit...nicely done tale...

  6. I love when people spin a poem, article, stories around fairy-tales - and you've done it so well! I loved the whole poem and the pictures too :)



  7. very cute nice rhyme

  8. Another encounter with tangled and such a lovely encounter too...

  9. Liked the way u have used Rapunzel and Dove..very interesting..and creative.