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Friday 21 October 2011

Shape Poems - A amalgamation of big brand Cars to ride with ...

Shape Poems are a little tricky.They can be fun to be played with and also at the same time ,it is a little time consuming since we got to derive at a shape with our final outcome.They provide more fun especially to the children who gets attracted to patterns and shape and learning to write poems using this form of poetry can bring more involvements in literature.

You can know more about this form of poetry through these links 



  1. What an adorable shape poem! I go for practical vehicles too. :)

  2. very your shape poem...dont put much thought into the car, but i do love a good road trip...

  3. I like your fine car. Wouldn't it be nice if we could word-make a car and it would pop into reality. It would go on imagination and take us exactly where we'd like to go on no gas at all just mind control!

    Alas, I need a new car and I don't think the decision making, purchasing will be magical.

    Loved the poem. Thanks for linking in! Gay

  4. fantastic car shape, thanks for the creative tickle.