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Thursday 5 August 2010

Walking Alone On The Deserty Land

This poem is more or like a story .This man in my story is unhappy with his life .His wife has asked him to go to market to buy bread for she wanted to eat them.He does'nt want to since he is just back home.He fights with her that she has no time to ask .His wife is too not satisfied with the life since she loves to live a rich life.But,when there is something other than money needed,they are there for each other.He loves her for that and she for him.Now, in our poem now,he goes to buy the bread walking on the desert.Read on....


Walking Alone on the Desert

To the town I go my way
Where no flowers swing and sway
Boring and sadness is my life
Because of my nagging wife

She asked me to buy a loaf of bread
Always sleeping in her cusion bed
There are no regular times she asks me to buy
And when I ask her this, her anger blows up high

I have no enough money to make her happy
Nor I fullfilled her wishes the way she wanted it to be
Thinking of this life I live with a wife I have wed
She is one who make me cry but always there when needed

Sighing,I see the camel who guides my ride
Where the sands are spread soft and wide
The sun is hot making me to thirst
Without water my heart will burst

There is no trees to take rest
And I have a long way to go to the west
The soft sand makes me unable to walk
And now I am also unable to talk

My eyes feels very dry and tired
But still I walked wherever my legs lead
Closing my eyes ,I sang the song of paradise
Praying that every cells in my body should rise

There I could see another man like me walking
Thank god, he gave me some water for drinking
Now at last I was ready to face
Much better the deserty and the sandy place



  1. Oh the nag of an ungrateful spouse. You capture it so well. I liked the flow of this poem. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing your comment

  3. Interesting story!
    Smooth flow...Loved the rhyming