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Monday 2 August 2010



Reasons…Reasons. Reasons….what are they?
We cry for some reasons…We laugh for some reasons
Some people have pain in their heart, but they have such a smiling face that you can’t say they are in sadness
Some may laugh outward though it is hard to accept the truth that are not actually laughing
Why? Why?

Why are these happening?
Why have the world lost the beauty for naturalness
We just pretend…
Is that because we are actors in the theatre called world ?We act our part …Cry …Laugh…Hug…like such
Don’t we all have dreams? Dreams to accomplish. Dreams to be happy
Are we all here to sacrifice things, sacrifice our dreams and our hopes?

We build our own fences not from animals but far away from our own brotherhood
Creating laws, religions, languages and castes
We lost the beauty of love and hope
We lost the creation of nature
And now we live in a world of machines
Where we find no love and no humanity
There are no reasons …We create reasons
We are the reasons
Our creations are the reasons
We make our generation who has and gives reasons for no reasons at all
We creators are the mastermind behind it,dont we?
We turn the gods beautiful creations into ugliness
And we say that ugliness are the beauty of mankind
We tame animals and make machines do things like humans
But we humans turn into animals
We reverse the creations of god
Can anyone say a reason for this?
Yes. We have many reasons
We can say a tons of reasons
Because we are the ones who created it …huh…right?

________________________________________________________________ I wrote this poem of Reason.When I read it now ,I could'nt reason how I wrote it haha.

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