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Friday 30 July 2010

Never Miss You!

Hi All,

Here is a poem based on Love.I named it "Never Miss You".
Your presence to my blog encourages me to write more poems .Never should I say,"Hi Guys, I miss you reading them".


Hey, Did I ever tell you I miss you
No, You never gave me a chance too
You were at my side everytime I needed you
And the way you look at me ,I know your love for me is true
You brought light into my soul

So bright that it lifts my life to whole
Whether I succeeded in my life or not
I knew for sure this life of mine means
a lot

I was there for someone who loves me everyday
And someone there to cuddle up when in my bed I lay
I cook for you ,wash and clean for you all day
And for all of us to be happy like this , I pray
Never should I get a chance to say I miss you, dear
So be with me ,be for me , forever and always near