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Thursday 29 July 2010

Poem About My Friend

Poem about my friend -
This poem is about a person who I met in real life while working for Telephone Company.Hope when he reads it,he finds out who it is. It is simple, short and just for fun .I dedicate this poem to him,my friend.

I wrote a poem about you, my friend
So read it from the starting till the end 

You were a different person in my life I met
A person so childlike in character, you became my pet

The way you look through the glasses fitting in your twinkling eyes
And I remember the way you try but don’t know how to lie

Oh, the way you get upset without any reason
And the way you speak so fast without meaning is fun

But still you have that sparkling heart so frank and sensitive
So be the person as you are now as long as you live

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