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Thursday 22 July 2010

Love Letter

Welcome!Now I am here meeting you all again in a new week.Yes,I wrote this poem keeping in mind a man writing a letter to his love about leaving her due to his own reasons.Its not very unusual thing about leaving so and so but You will find him encouraging his love to keep moving on though he is not there for her.Some of my imaginations have been put down on words.I wanted to keep it simple and apt of what I wanted to say.So have a Nice time reading it.

Belief in Love
I believe in true love ,yeah! the things if it is meant to be will be
Till then wait my love, be happy and free
The things we had planned did not work out
And the number the times we failed when for our love we fought
I could recall the days we had to struggle with strain
And the times when we saw each other cry in pain
Oh my dear, I had to let you go now
Because I still believe in true love
Don’t think I am weak to let you go
Because I gathered all my strength to take up this hard blow
I will be as if I never existed
Its better done in action than said
So for now let me go without you
Its the time you can revive yourself very new
Carry on my love to keep your balance in your life
Where there may be days with happiness and days with strife
Stand up and mark things what all you wanted in life to do
Your dedication to your work will make your quagmire break through
For I am sure that our love will be answered one day
On that day, we will join hands and sing with gay (happiness)
With clarity in mind and in heart forever young
In heavens high above, our love song will be sung
Yours Love ,


  1. Nice one Uma.. deep and touching.. u cud have finished like they are meeting in heaven...

  2. I too like this poem Uma...very nice to read :)

  3. @gita -Thanks a lot!
    @usha -I want the poem to be encourging with some hopes that both of them will be meeting again....will think of writing another one like you said ;)

  4. Voted for you first at blogjunta, then comes my comment in your very touching poem...made more dramatic with the background music of your blog...or was it added to give effect to your poem here?

    A very emotional take on my prompt suggestion Quagmire...I've read it again and again...:) Sad, of letting someone go but hopeful at the end that they will meet again someday... :)

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem and for taking part in OSI... :)

    have a nice day,


  5. A very elegant declaration. Bravo!

  6. @Amity ..Thanks for your Vote.The music is added to add effect to all my poems here.A Poem with music gives more calmness to mind and soul for the readers who visit my poetry home :)
    @all..Welcome again :)

  7. the format is enchanting and only adds to the weight of a man's love...

  8. A nice letter still painful when we let go...


  9. keep your faith,

    keep loving and getting loved.
    you rock.


    Happy Valentine's Day.

  10. loved it so much. poignant yet hope lingers. any man can be forgiven if he can say goodbye with such feeling.

  11. Nicely written. Loved the imagery.

  12. A different facet of love.
    May the hope and clarity happen soon.

  13. Heartfelt poem...I hope these lovers discover and find true love.

  14. Love the words and the visual that is a great addition.