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Wednesday 14 July 2010

My Search....My History

Here is my next poem......I Wrote this after seeing ??guessed right...the film might think to ask me,"what you write poems after seeing films,huh?".The fact is,yes and no.As a kid,I have a tendency to be absorbed into movies and that really affected the inner me like Titanic.As a result,My imagination comes into writing ...note each sentence end

This poem was written keeping in mind a small kid very playful and how the secret mummies made him a man who is born to develop a history

“Alas! Below the sand, she was found
With fleshes of sand build up around
Arms and thighs ready to break
Don’t move it for goodness sake”
These words are said by an Egyptian
For all mummies he was a great fan

His father is an archaeologist
Who made him study through his fist
He used to curse him for all he did
After he was then a little kid
Nothing made him sincere in his work (kid)
But he (kid) goes to play with a sudden jerk

Once he was asked to come with his father
To visit the place of treasure (mummies) together
He (kid) was struck by the sight of mummies
And a hunger of study hit up his tummy
Then every night without his father’s knowledge he goes to that place
And started gathering information about the lost race

Now, he was thirty and his search still goes on
And the history was developing for which he was born.


  1. Cool, I love to watch as well!=P And amazing words, love the way you write it, especially the last line "And the history was developing for which he was born." So beautiful!=D

  2. A little trip back to childhood tied in with our adult searching. Clever.

  3. @all Thanks ,this poem was written by the kid in me.I was in my early teen then ;)

  4. Great story about interest peaked and a life's study of history began.

  5. cool poem of history... :)

  6. I always look forward to innovative and cool write of yours...As usual you rock... Thanks for share.