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Thursday 15 July 2010

The Inside Of The Moon

The below poem is based on the concept of how the moon and mystery inside the earth triggered my imagination of some invisible life in the Moon.


Birds in air and angles in sky fly
On the other side of the rainbow a planet lies
Stars and comets in the open space
Fire Liquid at the Earth's Base
See the moon where our ancestors live
Good, they are together like honeybees in a hive
They have their own culture and tradition
Also the women there have their own fashion
The singers above sing like a nightingale
Sleeping on the sweet breeze as they sail
There’s no pollution because for absent air
The climate, not hot nor cold but fair
There’s no violence for the lack of weapon
Dear! Because they are all invisible

A love story of the Moon with the clouds " The Moon shy away as he plays... "

A little about the Moon:
The Moon is a wonderful ball of crust much smaller in size than our Earth .The interior of the moon is cooler than that of the earth.The moon is divided into four parts :the crust, rigid lithospheric mantle,non-rigid mantle and the core.The crust is always dry and dusty and the core is assumed to be a iron-rock .The recent discovery of water on the moon brings hope that there is life revolving around the moon .

Neil Armstorng , a NASA astronomer is the first man to land on the moon.Chandrayaan-1 launched from India's Satish Dhawan Space Centre on October 21, began orbiting the moon on November 8.The first images of the moon's coldest, darkest craters are being studied by scientists, after they were captured by a radar flying aboard India's Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft. Scientists are also using Nasa's radar instrument (Mini-SAR) to map and search the insides of the craters for water ice.The scientist are researching more of the moon and some day ,we get to see more of the moon like we see the earth .

As the moonlight breaks the darkness of the night
The magic of your presence is felt tight
The coldness brings more closeness to your scent 
I breath in your flavor and my loneliness went
We fly high in love over the Moon
Dancing till dawn hypnostised by its tune

A love story of the Moon with the clouds " The Moon shy away as he plays...... "


  1. Nice,fun to read and beautiful rhyming

  2. I too love the moon and night sky very much, always an inspiration for poets:)