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Thursday 30 December 2010

Love - A Haiku and A Story


He asks for her hand 
She responds with a soft touch
Love is a promise


Once upon a time there was a male glove standing dejected
he was lost and deprived because his other half was missing now
he searched and searched and waited and waited
but never finding the other pair, he walked on the pavement slow

He waked past the garments shop trying to find someone as his companion
he found lots of beautiful gloves,back and white,but none to his need
he was dejected and was moving with absolute abjection
while suddenly to his amazement,he saw a dark brown female glove bleed

He asked her what happened ...all she said was that she was torn apart
and was thrown down here and her master has got another
he felt happy....but selfish in his thoughts, he knew his thinkings are not smart
but all that he knew now is that he has fallen in love with her

He told her ,"I am lost too ...until I met you ,do you like to take my hand"
to his surprise,she laid her hand on his and "yes" she did mutter
and the story concludes as it always happens in all fairyland
they both drained in love,finally married and lived happily ever after

-written for the picture prompt from MAGPIE


  1. awww thats such a sweet story of two gloves :D

  2. Sweet. It's great they could find love for each other despite their differences.

  3. I love a story with a happy ending :) Nice Magpie.

  4. Nice haiku..
    and such a cute story...
    Love it :)

  5. I met a glove like that once. We've been married for twenty years now.

    Great post

  6. @all thank you
    @timkeen40-lovely.Enjoy the days coming by :)

  7. Asking and Responding... Love is a promise. Really great Haiku - something I need to work on - less words are sometimes the best! LOL

  8. the story is cute...i really like the haiku though...