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Tuesday 10 December 2013

The Birthday Gift!

Looking deeply beyond each other eyes
Together we walk holding hands
Our future merge, farther the sky
In both ups and down, as one we stand
A simple gift now and then is crucial
To tell you beloved that he is so special 
Happy Gifting!

On the phone,

I : Hey, can you give me an idea to gift my man, senior madam?
Friend : Ha ha True! So you are into him now (giggling). 
I (silently blushing) : Yes, I did last week
Friend : Great! Well note down a man's list and choose what you like.
1- Formals and T-Shirts 
2- Perfume 
3- Shaving Set or Razor
4- Watch
5- Wallet 
6- Mobiles Phones or Tablets (if you are rich)
If nothing works out, gift him at least a card or photo frame.

Next Morning,

I : Happy Birthday dear !
He : Thanks a lot honey ! It's heavy, what's inside?
I : That's something which makes you fresh and that which makes me proud
He (brushing his chin): Oh! what can that be ?
I (nodding): No no! not now, open after you reach home.

That Evening,

At one glance, his clean shaven look bowled me over and my man walking with style wearing a cooling glass and ready for a date .
I : Wah wah, I never knew that you would look so handsome 
He (raising his eyebrows): Meaning? 
I (trying to hide her smile): I mean that the stubble you had was literally hiding your beauty
He (teasing her): As you did hiding your love from me for three years..doesn't it?
I (blushing): Not any more.

That day ended with a happy note with a promise of love forever and thank you card from him 
"Thank you for your Shaving Razor gift !"


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  1. This is a different post from you Uma. Gifting a shaving razor gift really worked out well.

  2. Nicely written Umamaheswari ! Tagged you in How My Clean Shaved Look Bowled My Classmate in College ! and hope you will acknowledge me in your next post :)

  3. simple and effective gift :P good one Uma :)

  4. All this tagging thingie is really confusing..anyways thanks and acknowledged your tagged here >>

    good luck n cheers :D

    1. will get everything cleared in your third post Nandini (like me) and you will guide others , thank you :)