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Wednesday 18 December 2013

My Baby and I

With Twinkling eyes
my baby cries
seeing my face
she switched her place
calling out her mama
making melodrama
And so my wife says
this is no child's play
It's time to say goodbye
Oh! why
I sigh
My Baby and I

Baby: Dada! Dada! (Daddy is back home)
Daddy : Oh! my baby . Come on, we shall play peek-a-boo.

Daddy was playing with the baby and as the fun increased, they giggled together and daddy kissed the baby.

"OUCH! that hurts" murmured the baby in his language and soon started to cry. When Mommy came and saw, the baby's cheeks carried reddish spots.

cartoon funny

Next day,
The baby was much more cautious that day. 'Will he or will he not?' he thought.

And when daddy called out play, the baby ran away.

Mommy came into the scene with a stern look on her face.

"This is no child's play," She warned her husband."The baby wants you to clean that stubble off before you kiss him," she continued firmly.

Daddy was looking at his baby and the baby expressed with a big scowl on his face 'You know what I hate that unclean stubble. I mean that hurts man and I stand by what I say' 

Both Daddy and the baby exchanged glances.

Daddy has now nothing else to say. He soon returned back clear and the baby cheered.


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  1. Thank you for acknowledging my tag.
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  2. dad's posts r in demand I guess ;)
    thanks for the tag but pls change my spelling to Afshan :)
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    1. Of course, it should be ;)
      Corrected your name and hope to see your post soon !

  3. Nice poem. ­čśŐ
    My babies don't like unshaven dad.. My daughter too ­čśÇ

  4. To be with children is the most precious moment:)

    1. Yes, very much agree :)
      Children are God's gift for a meaning life !

  5. This was a sweet write up...Sorry I was not able to acknowledge your tag, will do it soon and will let you know...

  6. Its was really pleasent to

  7. NYC poem...i m new to blogging nd love poetry. Started of with a blog ""...jus felt whether sumone would help me out, so hv a look at it and suggest any improvements.
    thank u

  8. Acknowledged your tag here ADOLESCENCE Thanks for tagging.

  9. enjoying all your posts... this is yet another cool one.. lol :)