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Friday 13 December 2013

The Secret Recipe

A smile of acknowledging
Handshake of respect
A shoulder for support
Listening with empathy
Replies what is right
The look belonging to a place
Holds the key to success
Marking a man's 
Secret Recipe of Life

Three men were waiting outside the lobby with files in their hand. G-attract Razor Company Limited was looking to recruit new employers to market their products. One man was tall, looked intelligent with his breads, the second one was sporting stubble looking stylish and the third one was medium height and wore a clean shaved look. 

A little talk has shown that the third man had scored very less and cannot compete with the other two. The other two were trying to be nice telling him that his scores will not be up to the mark of the reputed company and told him not to regret if he does not get the job.

Secretary: Lady Boss is ready for the interview. 

Beard > Stubble > Clean shaven - Let's see who made it and how 

The first and second who went inside came out somber. It was now the third man's turn. He tried to look composed and entered Lady Boss's room. 

Within an hour, he returned with a huge smile on his face. The other two looked at him in disbelief when he showed them his recruitment letter.

" What was the secret Man? How come? " they enquired.

The third man looked at them, brushed his chin and said , "My clean shaven look bowled her over”. 

" What?" they scowled.

" Yes! What else will they look for in a Razor Company that too for marketing their products, " he replied " some times commonsense works better than scores " he whistled.


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  1. Uma, a really relevant and true story indeed.
    Employers do look for the clean-shaven during interviews. Personality counts & a stubble can cost one job-seeker his job! If we don't pay attention to ourselves, why would others pay attention to us?!
    That's the moral.
    Best wishes for the contest dear!
    Thanks for responding to my Tag :)

    1. Yes will fit the bill properly, isn't it? Thanks for the comment :)

  2. Thanks Uma.. Will acknowledge ur tag...
    I have tagged you a few days ago..have you accepted it?