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Saturday 7 December 2013

I hate that smelly stubble!

In regards to Blogadda's new prompt and tagging friends, I would like to start a new post with two scenes wherein I invite my friends, readers and anyone who is interested to respond to it. Those who tag me, will be responded with another post. Cheers!

Prompt: "I hate that smelly stubble” or “His(My) clean shaven look bowled me(her) over

Some women loves stubble on her man
Especially for those peck near her neck
Some women craves a clean shaved look
As their soft skin could heed no wound 
But no women could stand a smelly stubble
Remember you are sure to get into trouble, 
If she says ,"I hate that unclean stubble"

Question to ponder:
Men out there, every week when you shave do you ask your women what style or look do they expect to see on their face?

Scene 1:
In a park, 
Guy: Hi Honey! (he comes closer to her with twinkling in his eyes)
Girl: Hi dear! Ah, you should have had your Fish fry and Omelette today. Am I right?
Guy (deeply impressed with his beloved): Wow, how much you know me dear! I am amazed that you know me in and out. I love you!
But all she responded is a wry smile.

Scene  2:
Guy: You are not loving me? 
Girl : Why are you so doubtful? In that case I shouldn't have accepted your proposal in the first place ( she shrugs)
Guy ( looking straight into his lady's eyes) : Then why do you move back whenever I come near to kiss you?
Girl ( letting out a sigh) : Have you ever wondered how often I can guess what food you have eaten inspite of those mints you have in your mouth? .'Oh! I hate that unclean stubble', she thought.

Drop in your comments on your thoughts on both the scenes above. 

I would like to tag Arvind PasseyEkta Ketan and Anita for a response or comment or just a hi :)
Accepting tag from Cifarshayar

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This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.


  1. Really great, Uma. Imagine guessing the menu from the stubble! :)
    All the best for the contest, dear!
    Thanks for tagging me. I will surely Post another entry just for your tag! :)

    1. Sure! that's what makes a stubble smelly doesn't it? Thanks for accepting my tag and will look forward to yours soon :)

    2. Uma, Here's my PASS Post for you!
      Hope you like it! Do let me know :)

  2. Nice one, Uma. So was the guy finally able to decipher the reason for his girl-friend's reluctance to kiss him? :)

    Arvind Passey

    PS: Have accepted your tag. Have tagged you too. Hope you respond.

    1. haha! that's where you enter in to give your answers :) Yes, the answer is right there inside the scenes (now added the italics for more clarity too) . Thanks for accepting my tag and tagging me as well :)

  3. Interesting take on the prompt! It's funny...:)